Makeup For Wedding Party


Makeup For Wedding Party

Dressing up for a wedding is not less than a multi-level task. We have to plan everything from our attire to jewelry and makeup. Even on planning well in advance, we often come up to a point of panic when nothing seems to be going our way. Especially makeup, if it gels with what we are wearing on the final day, we are good to go, but if a slight miss happens somewhere, we are doomed.

So what all is absolutely necessary can be easily jotted down before we begin with the makeup to ensure we have everything ready alongside the palette. This will not only save time but a lot of embarrassment later on.

The list therefore must have:

A Primer or Base

natural base

The basic need of every makeup is a good base to begin with. Every time you go for any makeup, you have to have a strong and suitable base so that the makeup stays and there is a resultant glow on your face post makeup.



Another basic to a good makeup, a concealer, very much required to hide the spots that stay after the base is applied. Specific to those dark circles that the base could not hide, concealer is your solution.

Eye shadows

eyehadow pallete

First in line is the eye makeup which needs to be done.  You may use any combination that matches your attire. Do note to use a combination matching with your attire, not exactly same as your attire as it kind of creates a unpleasant appearance


eye makeup

Now comes the choice of a suitable blush. Go for your usual one but be sure to choose a bright color to suit the occasion including match with your attire.



Next in line is the mascara that needs to be used. Always ensure you use a good brand like Maybelline or Lakme. Always ensure to use a clean mascara before you apply color. This would make sure your eyes open up and lashes look bigger and better.



After mascara, you should go for the kohl in your eyes just above and below the eye line. A simple tinge of kohl could help you highlight your eye to a great extent. You may use any color out of black, brown or green depending on your choice.



Choose your lipstick depending on your attire as well as usability. If you think you can replenish your lipstick every 2-3 hours go for a matte color, in case not please choose a gloss or long  lasting color that could stay on your lips without you having to touch up again and again. Also team it with a complimenting lip liner to enhance your lips.

Nail Polish

gorgeious -nail-paint

Always use a shiny nail polish that matches your dress and make up entirely. Any color from Elle 18 or Maybelline or any other brand could suit your look. You must also apply a nail coat to prevent them from chipping. Also, nail art is something you could try to add more attraction and beauty to your looks.

I think these steps should be fine to give you a fine look that could dazzle you and the occasion. Do ensure to dress up as comfortable as possible as we all know Indian weddings are full of dancing and rejoicing where a little bit of uneasiness could spoil the party.

Have you tried these tips while doing makeup for a wedding party?

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