Makeup Hacks For Protruding Eyes


Makeup Hacks For Protruding Eyes

Several poets have acclaimed that the beauty of a woman’s eyes is definitely worth praise. There have been various poetries, move dialogues around it specifically for big protruding eyes. What you might see in the mirror every day is just your reflection but what people outside see is a beauty with even beautiful eyes. If your eyes are big and protruding, doing the makeup is an essential for you to do justice to the beauty bestowed to you by the creator! Even if you do not have, you have all the right to learn the hacks mentioned below and look like a diva every day!

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At work or at home, during day time, one must dress up and look her best! This keeps you in a good mood and also spreads your aura everywhere as a well groomed woman. So what can be done for a good eye makeup? Nothing much just sit back and relax and read on.
For office, one must prefer light eye makeup with a bright lip color and eye liner to enhance your eyes making them look bigger.

Start with a concealer and remove all the dark circles you see under your eyes. Apply eye liner on your eyes to make them highlighted and look brighter.


. Now apply mascara and you are done. To enhance the look for office, apply a bright colored lip gloss and you are done. If the need be, try and use a concealer or face powder, if not then you are already looking million bucks!

For everyday office makeup check out this video here


Protruding Eyes Day Time Look:-

For the day time look or if you have to dress for a kitty party or have to visit someone, apply eye makeup depending on the suitability during day time and the occasion to attend. If it’s a normal casual outing, go for a neutral makeup as it suits the day time.

Pink eye shadow would suit you and you could also go for a simple eye liner and lip color look. Do not forget to use the mascara as it is very much needed to make your eyes look prominent and beautiful, this is specially needed for women with smaller eyes.


Protruding Eyes & Night Party

If you have a night party to attend, always go for a dark makeup which is in striking contrast to the day time makeup or an office makeup. Obviously one has to look good for the occasion and look different from the everyday look.

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This also ensures you dress up specially for the special occasion. For night makeup, hide all your dark circles by using a foundation suited to your skin tone and concealer. For eyes, use grey or black or brown eye shadow and darker strokes of mascara and eye liner. You can also use a shimmery eye shadow to highlight your eyes even further. Apply mascara and if the need be you could also use artificial eye lashes. Take a darker lip color and you may also use a lip liner.

I hope you liked these simple tips which could make you look better than before and also attractive for sure. Do not refrain from applying eye makeup as it is only to make you look prettier. Makeup can be molded as per the time of the day as we just read above. Hope this fits in well with your requirements to be beautiful always.

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