Makeup Haul : Lancome, Silkygirl Haul From Malaysia & Australia


Makeup Haul : Lancome, Silkygirl Haul From Malaysia & Australia

Hello Everyone,

It is not been long time and I am here with another makeup haul about which I am super excited. I didn’t plan it at all, it was just that a friend of mine was visiting Malaysia & Australia and she spotted so many makeup items that she asked me I f I would like to have them! Well, I am a makeup addict and I was more than happy to say yes. 🙂

This is one of the biggest lipstick hauls of mine as I never purchase so many lip colors in one go! This time it was an exception.

Let me show what all I got from there. First I got some stunning chubby lip pencils from Silkygirl, which is a local Malaysian brand. These look similar to the chubby lip pencils which we get here in India. The price is certainly a way cheaper there than it is here. I think it costed me around  INR 350-450 only. I picked up four chubby sticks from Silkygirl.

I also picked a chubby jumbo Gloss Balm from Covergirl. This is a really pretty sheer pink lip color which is very pretty!

I happened to pick two lipsticks from Lancome. It was a long time I purchased anything from them and Anamika is like always all praises for Lancome lipsticks and herself owns some fabulous shades, so I picked up two shades for myself.

I got two shades namely Rouge In Love Asian Expertise & Absolute Rouge. The Asian Expertise one has silver packaging while the Absolute Rouge is black. The shades I picked are mainly pink.

Apart from the lipsticks I got a compact from Covergirl and BB cream from Silkygirl. I have used the Clean Compact from Covergirl before so I thought I would pick it again for the summers. The BB cream has a water gel formula which made me buy this. In fact I am wearing the same BB cream in the video and it is really good in covering the redness on my face and gives an even skin tone.

Well, I hope you liked the video and I will be coming with these lipstick swatches soon! Stay tuned and subscribe our makeup channel for more such exciting stuff! 🙂

Do watch the video below and hit the like button! I will see you again!

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