Makeup Ideas For Dark Brown Eyes



Makeup Ideas For Dark Brown Eyes

Hello lovelies,

Most of the Indian women have black or dark brown eyes. I feel brown eyes are the most versatile and the one who has brown eyes is one lucky soul on earth, cause what I have seen in these years, brown eyes can flaunt both the dark and light eye makeup very beautifully. Brown eyes are damn easy to work with. If you have brown eyes, the color wheel is actually meant for you. From pale blues, sparkly greens to gorgeous gold and dark smoky eyes, everything is for you.

So lets see what makeup you can go for if you have dark brown eyes:

Know your shades


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At first, the basics. Know your shades, the shades that will bright out the beauty of your eyes. Eye shadow in shades of blue, black, taupe, green, brown, purple will look excellent against brown eyes. Gold, silver, copper, bronze in metallic finish will also help to beautifully accentuate brown eyes.

3 coordinating shades

No perfect eye makeup look can be achieved with a single eye shadow color. Yes this is the truth. A highlighting shade, one for crease and another for outer corner is the basic of any eye makeup. But that doesn’t always mean, you should choose any random colors like blue, red, green and purple. The key is to choose different shades of a single color or complementing different colors.


makeup ideas for dark brown eyes


Eye liners

Choose a dark liner in a shade that coordinates and matches your eye shadow. Navy blue or plum tones work well with the blue and purple shadows. Whereas the traditional, classic black liner will deliver a dramatic effect and really make your brown eyes gleam. For me, black liners are the safest and work magic on my brown eyes. If you are wearing black liner, you can pair it with a colored liner on lower lash line.

White eyeliner


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I came to know about this trick while browsing net a few years back. Since then, I am an ardent follower of this trick. A lot of people find white eyeliner to be tricky to use. Not only will the white liner highlight your brown eyes, but will make your eyes pop instantly. Pair it up with thick liner or metallic eye shadow shades.



how to wear false eyelashes


A jet black mascara is all you need to bring you the sexiness of your eyes. Gorgeous pair of lashes makes all the difference. The black mascara will enhance the warm, rich hue of your eyes.


Never ever forget your concealer. Even if you don’t have stark dark circles. Concealer not only conceals dark circles, but also helps in evening out the skin tone and brightening the under eye are so your eyes stand out.

Base makeup

We are talking about eyes right, so what is base make doing here??

If you want to pop your eyes, base makeup has a very crucial role to play. Keep the rest of your face as neutral as possible. Don’t overdo it with blush, bronzers or highlighters, just focus on your eyes.





Same goes with lips. If you want to glam up your eyes, try to play it safe with the lips along with rest of your face.

If you have brown eyes, you have all the liberty to mix up different colors and see what works best for your eyes. Maybe some of you will feel black mascara with purple eyeliner looks good, some may feel blue complemented with hints of gold looks nicer, and some may stick to traditional blacks. But remember, there is room for experiment in each color. Find what works best for you and what you are comfortable with.

Do you have more makeup tips to share for dark brown eyes?

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