Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes


Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

You are lucky if you have beautiful green eyes like Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie. You can take inspiration from their amazing makeup looks to enhance your eyes. But not everything can be learned by just looking at the pictures and so we decided to give you some ideas. There is no best way of doing makeup green or any other colored eyes. It is more about what works best for you and how experimental you are.

green eye makeup tips

Warm colors work amazingly on green eyes and here are some more Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes-

Go Red


Revlon Shadowlinks shadow Plum

Yes you can go all out with red but not everyone has the heart to wear scarlet colors on eyes. The idea is to use red based colors in eye makeup. As we know that red provides great contrast to green so any color with red hues will really brighten green eyes.

Pinks and plums are especially gorgeous shades for green eyes.

Go Green


BeYu EYESHADOW 114 PARSLEY DROP REVIEW, SWATCHES & EOTD+Beautiful Greenish Black Eyeshadow with microshimmers

Yes green on green! Green will not make your eyes disappear rather it will make them look prettier. Wear greens are that are lighter or darker than your eyes. Dark greens like forest green will frame your eyes beautifully. Lighter greens will make your green peepers pop.

Bronze and Copper


Bronze eyeshadow for India brid

These are two more colors to include in makeup for green eyes if you want to make your eyes pop. They will add more warmth to your eyes and will make them shine. You can layer them with some shimmer to make the green in your eyes light up.

Gold is also great for green eyes as this will bring out the gold sparkle in your eyes.

Brown and Taupe


MAC eyeshadow in Satin taupe review+ taupe eyeshadow

Warm browns can be worn on green eyes easily. If you want neutral eye look then go for taupe. This is one shade that you can wear without much thought. It will look even better if your taupe has some gold flecks.



makeup ideas for green eyes

If there is one bright color for green eyes, that is purple. This color belongs to red color family and any shdes of purple flatter green eyes. Wear it whenever you are in doubt about dramatic eye makeup.

Eyeliners and Mascara

You can wear black but if that is too stark for you, go with brown. You can also try colorful eyeliners easily. Violet and plum eyeliners will make your eyes pop like nobody’s business.

Brown mascara will work better than the black one.

Less of these

Though smoky eyes look wonderful on green eyes, black is not the best choice for the look. Silver and grey shades can also make your eyes look dull but if you have the expertise to wear these shades like Kristen then go for them as well.

And lastly girls, a warm blush will enhance green eyes. Yes a blush can also play with eyes. Go for peach blushes to make your greens look greener.

Share your Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes.

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