Makeup Ideas For Karwachauth


Makeup Ideas For Karwachauth

Okay ladies! We are almost there to the day we wait for the entire year. Karwachauth is finally here! Well I am sure by now you all must have decided or purchased your attire for the day. What about your makeup? Decided or not? Not yet? Fine then, I guess I am writing it to you at the right time. Read on for some of the makeup ideas you could use.

One should not refrain from using makeup on the day as it is one day you could reminisce the rest of the year and also for life. If it’s your first time, do dress up like a bride again, I am sure you would want to.


Benefit primer review

The base of the makeup is very important and one must use it to have a long lasting makeup.


maybelline instant age rewind concealer review

Do not forget to use a concealer as it would help you hide the patches and dark circles that you would not want to highlight. Do not apply concealer as dots, always use it in triangular motion as I specified in my last post on makeup. That is the right way!

Eye Makeup

 makeup for eyes

Always begin with the eye makeup. Use a contrasting color for your eyes. Do not overdo it as it might also not look good. Use the products you trust and do not try a special new product on the day itself. Go for more golden and greens, if they suit your attire as these are more in trend these days.

This Eye Makeup look is coming soon on WiseShe!



Now apply a right colored blush that does not make you look overdone. Choose a bright color makeup and apply it in small circular motions. Then finish it off with balancing the color wherever left.


perfect mascara

Now apply the mascara doing the # trick or may be in triangular waves but do not make it look absurd. Old tips again, always use clean mascara before color. This would ensure your eyes open up and look bigger.


 Kohli Review

After mascara, apply kohl. You may use colored kohl as per your attire. Do use a long lasting color which is also smudge free.


dark red lipstick

Since you won’t be able to replenish your lipstick every now and then during the Puja, go for a long lasting lip color and make sure to dab on the translucent powder on a tissue clinched in your lips to ensure it stays even longer. I came across some nice colors and glosses from Maybelline and Lakme. Do see them. Go for pinks and maroons as they look traditional and give you a required bridal tone!

Nail Polish

Golden Red Purple 18 Nail Paint on my nails

Last but not the least, nail paints are pretty important! I am going for a nail art! You may go for the same or use twin colors at home as per your attire. Do apply a nail coat to avoid chipping.

Also, go for a nice hairstyle that stays on and does not give away. I often find people struggling with their dangling buns and dupattas. Please refrain from the hairstyles that do not suit you.

It’s all about being beautiful and reliving your wedding day! I hope these tips help you somewhere and you have a good time looking good! I hope my suggestions give you some idea.

You must try and look your gorgeous best, with all your love and compassion towards your beau. Wish you all the best for your fasting! Happy Karwachauth dearies!!

What type of look are you going for this Karwachauth?

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