Makeup Ideas For Medium Skin Tones


Makeup Ideas For Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tone, which means you are neither fair, nor dark. While some find it really difficult to find right makeup for medium skin tones, but to me, I find it easiest to do makeup or find makeup products for medium skin toned beauties. You just have to know the undertones and you are ready to go. But it is true that you have to pay close attention to the colors, a little lighter shade can wash you out and a little darker can make you look too tanned.

So lets us go through the makeup ideas for medium skin toned beauties.

Know your undertone

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I have heard a lady saying that knowing your undertone is as important as knowing your blood group. And I can’t agree with her enough. Undertones matter, to every human being. So, identify your undertone first and choose your shades accordingly. So know the hue that lies beneath your skin.

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Cool: Pink, red, or blue undertones
Warm: Yellow, peach or golden undertones
Neutral: A balance between both cool and warm

Choose your right shade of foundation

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Even a shade lighter and darker can look weird on medium skin tone beauties. The foundation you are using should be under no circumstances of a lighter color than the color of your skin. A little lighter shade can wash you out and a little darker can make you look too tanned. So make sure the foundation matches your skin color to the tee.

Eye shadows

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To me, medium and dark skin beauties provide great canvases for smoky eyes. Shades of grey, black and brown to create a dramatic smoky look would look remarkable. If you are bored with black smoky eyes, go for blue smoky eyes. You can apply a matte blue on your lid and blend with a dark eye shadow color into your crease to create a smoky eye look. Smoldering, golden smoky eye looks stunning on medium skin tones too.

Other eye shadows that look great are: illuminating bronze or honey. Cool undertones look lovely in lavender or gray, while copper and rich blues flatter warmer undertones.


Black mascara will not only make your eyes pop, but will also enhance your skin tone beautifully.

Choose your blush carefully

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Choosing blush can be as tricky as choosing your foundation. You have to be super careful. Like foundation, going with a blush that’s too light can wash you out, while one that’s too dark will look harsh. My favorite blush on a medium skin toned lady will be MAC Blushbaby.


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If your skin tone is medium, which means somewhere in between light and dark, then you already have a natural hint of color in your complexion. So just enhance it without going too dark or too shimmery. Choose a bronzer that is no more than two shades darker than your skin tone. Keep in mind your undertone here as well. I would say skip the bronzer unless you REALLY NEED it.


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Lucky are they who have medium skin tone. From light pink and corals to bold reds, deep berries and plum colored lipsticks; almost any lipstick can enhance your skin tone. Especially dark lips work wonders against medium skin tone. Famous makeup artist D. Crisan says, When looking for brighter pigments on lips, cool undertones look stunning in blue-based red, berry, pinks, and mauve. Warm undertones look amazing with gold or orange based reds, burgundy, coral and even brown.

So all my medium skin toned beauties? Time to dive into your vanity 😀

Have you tried these Makeup Ideas?

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