Makeup Ideas With Sarees


Makeup Ideas With Sarees

An Indian woman looks best in saree. There is no doubt in that. I take pride in India’s culture and heritage and not only we Indians, glamorous Hollywood divas were also seen draping them. Of all Indian attires, saree is my most favorite. I am a Bengali girl after all, and sarees give me immense comfort and pleasure.

And with saree you need to have a perfect makeup look. Even if you want to go for a no-makeup look, it has to be perfect to the tee. So if you do not know or if you are confused about what type of makeup will go with your traditional 9 yard attire, then here are some makeup tips and suggestions for you all.

Classic Retro

Sonam Kapoor WInged eyeliner

A perfect base, winged liner and red stained lips. This combination can never go wrong with sarees. A swirl of your favorite blush to finish off your look.

Lined eyes

makeup ideas for saree

A kajal is all you need to oomph up your look. Frame your eyes by drawing fine lines of kajal on the upper and lower lash line. A peachy lip color and nude blush can be applied to finish the look.

No makeup look

nude makeup for saree

You don’t always have to wear layers of makeup to look good in a saree. No makeup or nude makeup is trending and is one of the best picks to try with a saree. It looks very natural and also enhances the beauty of your face.

Smudged look

This is my favorite look and I try it at evening events. The makeup isn’t screaming, is subtle yet gorgeous. So if you want to look elegant as well as stylish then try this makeup. Apply foundation and concealer evenly on face and neck. Line your eyes with kohl. The lines don’t have to be perfect; you are going to smudge them anyway. Smudge the kohl using the tip of your finger or a brush. Then take a charcoal black eye shadow and dab on your upper eyelid. Blend with a dark brown on crease. Apply thick coats of mascara. Finish off your look with pinky nude lips and natural toned blush.

Heavy Smokey eyes

heavy smokey makeup for saree

This is an ultimate favorite. Dark, heavy smoky eyes can kill people. Loads of eye shadow and loads of mascara complementing nude lips and cheeks, this look is ultra glamorous.

Same colored eye shadow

modern bride indian bride

You can even go with eye shadows matching to your saree. Try a smoky eyes using that particular shade and black. That way it will be more wearable. Apply thick coats of mascara. Finish off your look with pinky nude lips and natural toned blush.

Red lips

red lipstick makeup with saree

You can definitely choose to wear bold red lips, but make sure the rest of your makeup is simple. A simple thin stroke of winged or cat liner, bold red lips and rosy cheeks. Also make sure your red lips are complementing the saree that you are wearing.

  • Whatever look you are choosing, don’t overdo anything. Highlight any single feature, eyes or lips.
  • If your saree is simple, go for bolder makeup and if your saree is sequined and has heavy works, go for simpler makeup looks. That’s the key

Do you have more makeup ideas and suggestions for saree?

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