Makeup In The Monsoon : What Survives And What Does Not


Hi all,

I had written about what makeup to wear for monsoons a few days back. But , I am sure everyone is wondering what exactly are the products that survive  a sudden downpour. It happened to me today and of course my blush did not survive , but my eyeliner and lipstick did.I’m attaching a very non flattering pic of myself( you are not allowed to laugh),but its for everyones benefit .. This pic was taken when I was just back after get caught in a downpour.(the things I do for you guys!) . What survived was my Ikonic pencil, Pro longwear concealer and MAC Twig lipstick. Ofcourse, the lipstick is not in its full glory, but its there. It very rare for lipsticks and eyeliner to survive downpours.


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What I wore this morning was:

  • MAC Prolongwear concealer.
  • Maybelline BB stick.
  • MAc Twig topped with MAybelline Mirrored Mauve gloss.
  • Kryolan Ikonic in Black Spark.


MAC Prolongwear Concealer: This concealer has become my HG concealer. In Mumbai,even when its not raining,it is usually humid and one does need a concealer that wont fade off . MAC Prolongwear has made the cut in this regard. I was apprehensive about getting this one as I have been very loyal to MAC Studio finish concealers for a very long time now. For ref. I use MAC prolongwear Concealer in NC 40. Review here

Kryolan Ikonic eye pencils:I knew this one was the best and now that it survived a downpour,need i say more? Review here

MAC lipstick in Twig: I wore Mac Twig this morning topped with Mirrored Mauve lipgloss from Maybelline. However, I feel that most long wearing  matte &satin finish lipsticks will last as well. The maybelline superstay lipstick has also lasted on me for very long hours including a session at the gym.

Maybelline BB stick in Radiance: This is my go to makeup for everyday use. It did fade off a bit and looked patchy,but nothing that a touchup with powder cannot handle.Review of Maybelline BB stick here

I also feel that cheek stains will last a sudden downpour. especially the ones from Benefit. I have Benefit Posietint and it has survived the humid-est of days in the Mumbai summer.

So what are your rain must haves?


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  1. Very unique post Shwe lol . Oops! Sorry…no laughing :quiet: Seriously speaking, u still look good even after being soaked :cute:

  2. yup! and quite innocent too …next time try revlon cream blush as well..i have a feeling that it will stay intact.

  3. Oh you look gorgeous , I mean – like the heroines in the rain scenes 😀 BB stick actually lasted in the downpour ? That`s impressive…Actually I love it when it rains – the skin automatically looks more glowing no ? 😀 No doubs about prolongwear , and actually you look like a cheerleader you know in that top ,cheering for your fav NBA team 😀 So young and fresh.


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