Makeup In Your 30‘s: What to Do & What to Avoid!


Makeup has no rules! This is something I really believe in. Experiment with your look , colours ,but also don’t forget to look in the mirror before you step out.This is very important… There are many times we see a person whose makeup or clothing doesn’t complement their age or personality. A lady’s 30’s is the time when she is comfortable with her self and knows what suits her and what doesn’t. I am 30 myself and yes i don’t dress up the way i dressed in my teens.. with all the extra super funky clothes and goth makeup at times :-P.The anything goes attitude doesn’t work from late 20’s onward. Most of our leading ladies are also well into their 30’s,but Karsima and Kareena know how to wear makeup that suits them 🙂

Makeup In Your 30 dress according to your age+makeup ideas

Skin care

Skin care is the most important part of 30’s. This is when we see a major change in skin due to stress levels ,work ,home, babies etc.This stress can age you beyond your years. So the most important beauty tip in this age group is “Love Yourself”. Eat right,work out, drink enough water, have fun! This happiness will show on the face. Its very easy to get bogged down with responsibilities , but your home or office or kids can manage without you for an hour at least. Be happy and the family will thank you because they have a cheerful person around them and not one whos grumpy coz of stress!

Moisturize before makeup

Foundation can emphasize the dry areas of the face .By the time we hit 35 ,skin doesn’t remain as hydrated as it did a few years back and if one has always had dry skin ,all the reason more to moisturize well.Use a primer ,if you develop fine lines around the mouth and eyes as primers diminish the look of fine lines.What suits best at this stage is a fresh face and not a cakey face..well a cakey face doesn’t look good at any age 😛

Makeup In Your 30 Skin care+makeup how to

Its always a good idea to use a light reflecting foundation to diminish the look of fine lines.However,this is not for you if you have large pores or open pores.


Lips tend to become very dry post 35 if not looked after. Always apply a lip balm before the application of lipstick. If you plan to apply a very creamy lipstick, apply lip balm,do the rest of you makeup ,and then wipe off the excess lip balm and apply your lipstick.Voila, full plump lips are yours. Glosses are your best friends at this stage  as glosses add that much needed shine to your face and makes the pout look oh so yummy!

Eye makeup

Eye makeup totally depends on the condition your skin is in. But the safest bet would be neutrals with a hint of colour, lots of mascara and good concealing of under eye circles-if any!Wear a thin line of liner on you upper and lower lashes -dont go all goth or do a very smokey very black eye.-you will just look beaten up!If you are winging out your eyeliner make sure your wing does not droop downwards-it will make your eyes look sullen and droopy and make you look tired. Do not wear kajal on your lower lash line if you have heavy dark circles…it will just accentuate them!


I am not an authority on blush, Zara is , but I will put in my two cents : Make sure you choose a blush that compliments your skin tone. mid 30’s are not the time to have doll cheeks..they will make u look plain silly but a good natural blush with a hint of bronzewill give you a glam diva look.

If you look at our leading ladies you will see everyone usually has earth tones on their cheek or a light pink.. nothing that is too doll like . I am 30 now.and I take care not to wear makeup that is too pink or too doll like. Pink blushes should be worn with a light hand. See how i wear pink blush in the pic below

Makeup In Your 30 Blush trick+how to put on makeup

Blend Blend Blend

Another makeup trick that holds true for all ages is Blend Blend Blend.You dont want obvious streaks of makeup on your face and neither do you wanna look all caked up . You are the best judge of what suits you and what does not. Never follow trends blindly.but tweak them to suit your persona.

Have fun with makeup. But make sure it suits your personality !

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  1. Agree on all points…it looks so weird when an obviously older lady wears makeup like a teenager not all ends up lukin garish..subtlety is d key t luking classy…no matter what age we r..

    • Heheh! I have seen aunties in my building wear the same kind of makeup that their daughters wear.. To say they look scary is an understatement!


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