Makeup look – Party makeup look in purple and gold with step by step pictures


Hello every one!!!

When it comes to makeup one can experiment like anything.When I am doing eye makeup I feel as if I have wings and I can fly and go here and there and every where :D:D.

This is what I did today. I wanted to do smokey eye makeup in silver and landed up doing with some purple and tried adding some smokey look into it too.

In the end it came out like this.
Well if you liked it then you can read the tutorial and if you didn’t then sorry I will try to improve 🙂

So here goes the tutorial

Step1 -Cleaned and primed my eyes .You can apply an eye primer or some foundation and dab some powder on your eyes after applying the foundation.

Step2 – Now take the purple .I am using cream eye shadow from Revlon Va Va Va Bloom

Step3 – Applied the purple eyeshadow on the eyelid.This is very sheer and sublte looking eyeshadow and this is a cream eye shadow I used my finger for applying it.This way it blends well.

Step3 – Now take golden eye shadow .This one is Chambor geneve Dazzling Sphinix 29 eyeshadow . You can always go with any eye shadow brand which you have.

Step4 – Applied the golden eye shadow above the crease and below the brow bone.I didn’t blend the colour so that you can see where I applied it.

Step5 – Blended the golden colour with a eyeshadow blending brush and then applied white shimmery eye shadow on my brow bone.

This is how it looked.You can stop here also and apply eyeliner and mascara and finish off the look but I wanted to add some smokey touch also to the look so I went ahead .

Step6 – I used MAC smolder to draw the V , you can use any black eyeliner.

Step7 – Blend and blend the black eyeliner.:)

Step8 – Applied winged eyeliner , curled my eye lashes with a eye lash curler, applied mascara and filled my brows with a brown eye pencil and we are  done.:)

Do let me know what kind of looks you like the most. I will try bringing more of them.


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  1. hhaha..and i am jealous of you for having such beautiful long hair..and or having all the coastel scents eye shadow pallets and many many other things:D:D

  2. I have used Maybelline colosal mascara… i really like it seema…and thanks for the compliment…where u from by the way?

  3. Beautiful. I love it how you make it look so simple! and your eyelashes – subhanallah ! especially on your lower lashline – I recently noticed I hardly have any there 🙁

  4. WaaaOW (in saif ali khan style 😉 ) this is the best tutorial you have given till date….or this is the only one which i understood completely. I am quite dumb so you have to go li'l extra to make me understand……:)
    n the second last pic is sexy…

  5. i have a request, pls also the complete face pic, as alwys ur eyes look so sexy………..God, i love both your and Anju's eyes, serioulsy lucky girls

  6. hahaha….yeah! actually the V-thing u made with kajal… i couldn't figure it out ever…. like where n how to make it….. now m more sure about it
    hey, i have to go to a function tomorrow i will try this. Shukriya…

  7. arey i was just teasing you….. i know i have submitted it but its not visible here…
    take a chill pill 😉
    going for a picnic this saturday… office trip 🙂

  8. going to some resort in delhi…. tehy have organized some events , sports,programmes etc. there.
    come on….. we'll have blast… u have 2 days in your hand…. book ur tickets 😉

  9. voooo…no yaar i cant come…:(
    i will come in Jan to delhi..then i will meet u or probably when can go for some touring 🙂
    what say 🙂

    rapchick fun 😀


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