Makeup Looks For 2016


Makeup Looks for 2016

Every new year brings new fashion and beauty trends. With the excitement of every new year, we should definitely change the makeup styles and our look. And why shouldn’t we, after all trying new looks and looking bomb is the must thing this era. Making all guys gaga over us and making our bitches jealous by looking all different should be the major resolution every year 😉 We will discuss some new makeup Looks for 2016 which are must try.

  1. Only Red lipstick and nothing else


Just Red Lipstick and nothing else can give you an hatke and bomb look this time. Crimson is way too much in fashion these days. And attracting all the attention towards the blood red lips can turn all heads for you.

A classy look can be attained by applying Concealer on face and putting the red matte lipstick. Go for a tight bun or a ponytail with this look.
Missing Kohl and full attraction towards lips will be loved by all you see.

  1. Brilliant Gold Shadow

bridal makeup

Applying extra shimmery Gold Eye Shadow is a new makeup trend this season. Contrasting this look with Brown lip shade can help you achieve the trophy of best beauty in town.
Burgandy lip shade too would go amazing.

In market you will find many shades of Golden, but this year pick an extra shimmery dark gold shadow and apply it thickly on both on upper and lower sides. Skip the eye liner. Just apply some dark kohl and see the new you. Whether it’s for some wedding or clubbing, you gonna rock it.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence look in which she is beautifully drawing heads by applying Earthy Brown eyeshadow and giving that super hot smoky look is something which is in my favorite list this year. She has paired this makeup with straight shiny hair. A must try look for all lovely ladies out there.

  1. Lady Gaga Look

makeup look review
Lady Gags is known for her experiments in makeups. Her recent look at Oscars was something which made her look more beautiful. Her all peach makeup was complementing her flawless skin and Blonde Hair. This is not the first time that she wore Monroe inspired outfit, her peach makeup with White Gown was something I now urge to try badly.
She went for no liner and deeply blended Peach eye shadow with light coat of Mascara.

  1. Sonam Kapoor Look in Filmfare 2016

beauty look review
Sonam Kapoor is such fashionista which I think spends all the time and brain on new and different looks instead of her acting. But it is undoubtedly to admit that if someone needs an inspiration to go beyond expertise in fashion, she should follow Sonam Kapoor.

Her look in Filfare Awards, 2016 was fab. With that super glorious gown, she went all matte on her lips and kept her makeup all dry. There was no shine. No glitter in her makeup and that complimented her damn well. She tries peache-hued lips which is now a must try this season.

  1. Parineeti chopra’s Nude with smokey look

Pariniti Chopra’s look in Flimfare 2016 was pretty different. She deserves big praises of losing weight so fast and making body amazingly flexible. Her recent workout portfolio is an inspiration to all ladies who wish to reduce.

parineeti choopra beauty without plastic surgery

She is an actor with most common face in the industry. I do not find anything like Heroine Material in her but her recent look at Filmfare 2016 was super sexy.

She went for Nude lips with Smokey eyes and it was complementing her dress and style a lot. I loved the duet of Smokey look with Nude lips.

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