Makeup Minimalism & How To Rock It Always!


Makeup Minimalism & How To Rock It Always!

Hello Everyone,

The year started with a number of resolutions being taken and one of the latest ones for the ultimate beauty addicts was to keep the Makeup minimal as compared to the heavily dosed decked up look they have been doing for years! Well, if the trendΒ  of the season is supposed to be something like this…who are we to question? We too follow similar trends & swear together “Less is More”

deepika minimal makeup

Let me confess Virushka wedding was a major trendsetter for the minimalistic makeup resolution most girls swore to follow in New Year! πŸ™‚

virat anushka wedding

Minimal Makeup

Also have you seen Kareena Kapoor Khan looking Oh! So pretty that too bare faced! She is so confident about the skin & healthy lifestyle that she hardly needs to doll up heavily! A red lippie can do the honors please!

minimalist makeup look

Well, its already ten days into the New Year and I have managed to keep myself off any makeup! Not even an eyeliner! Thats my Resolution too! **cough** Not to step out bare faced but use a minimalist makeup while going out! Somehow I know I am going to break the resolution the minutes I step out! :-p

kareena bare face

But seriously the trend of the season is ruling the runways, movies & celebrities too are often spotted following the trend & getting wows & likes from all their admirers!


So lets checkout How you can rock this totally chic makeup trend in a pro manner! πŸ™‚

Have a Great Skin This Year

The first thing is that you will have a clear looking healthy skin and for that you will hydrate yourself well, cleanse the skin properly, sleep enough, eat right & also do a little physical activity to give the hot flush of red for blood circulation!

minimal makeup

Don’t Try Too Hard To Look Bare Faced

The idea is to actually apply what works best for your features and enhance it beautifully rather than applying a multi-layer makeup just to look natural looking! Bummer!

Even out your Skintone

Use a sunscreen mixed skin tint for a natural looking skin tone & avoid heavy duty foundations for the once in a while occasions!

Always use a Facial Mist

You do not want the matte look on the face as it clearly look pure makeup! Always apply a finishing mist on the face to give a more fresh look to the face!

mac mineralize charged water skin hydrating mist review

Light tint to Lips

A tinted lip balm is going to be your best friend if you are keen to step out mostly with a minimalist makeup look! use a lip tint with your fingers & layer it with a clear balm to give the fresh flush to your lips!

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Petting Pink

Choose the lip Colors Carefully

Always opt for pale hues like coral, peach pink rather than berry, wine or marsala shades! The pale shades will manage to give a more natural looking pout! πŸ™‚

light tint to lips

Mascara is a Must

Use lots of mascara on the lashes & go easy with your eyeliner! Just draw soft strokes of liner , preferably in brown hues to give a more minimalist look to the eyes without making it look too obvious!

heavy mascara

Keep the Brows Strong & Tamed

Don’t go for very curved arches this year instead try to keep it bold & bushy for a more natural looking appeal!

Soft Touch of Blush

Just dab the blush lightly & blend it well because you don’t need the extra pink cheeks which clearly look “So made up!!”soft blush on cheeks

Well, I hope you get these easy tips to Rock the Minimalist makeup trend like your favorite celebrities do while stepping out and we are left flabbergasted as to what do they eat to look so flawless all the time and that too sometimes even without makeup! πŸ™‚

Have you tried The Minimal makeup trend yet?


  1. Actually for me no make up look is always a good to for office.I use BB cream then a bit of Kajal and lip balm.then get set and go.:-)You have a step by step on what to use and what not.thanks a lot dear

  2. Main try to bahut karti hu ki accha sa makeup karu, per last me wapis face wash karke yehi lipstick laga kar hi jaati hu per kabhi kareena nahi lagi

    • Haha..Anita ji Kareena jaisa to hum kabhi nahi lag paenge!

      Mere pe bi jada makeup acha nhi lgta…salon makeup to bilkul bhi I prefer doing my own makeup wo bhi light sa


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