Makeup Mistakes That Age You


Makeup Mistakes That Age You

As a makeup lover, this post is definitely quite personal to me. There was a time when I hardly used any makeup on my bare skin in spite of the fact that it was not as flawless as it is now. As everyone around me used to tell me that using cosmetics on the face/ skin is not helpful at all and you may end up damaging your skin permanently. So, years passed and I started using makeup products after marriage. And now even after so many years I continue to use makeup most of the times ( not on a daily basis though). Well, coming to the topic now. So is it really true that Makeup Mistakes That Age You can actually make you look old?


I mean makeup is,  what I know of, is actually to enhance the beautiful features of the face let alone how will it make one look old!! That quite contradictory isn’t it?

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So, lets discuss what actually is the rightful thing to do and why it is true that some makeup mistakes can actually make you look older.

In general, makeup should beautify your features and make your face appear attractive by hiding the imperfections. It is not supposed to transform your face that makes your face look aged. There must be some makeup mistakes which one should not commit to avoid the situation.

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Foundation Mistakes

The base makeup or foundation is often the canvas for making your face look beautiful but you need to make sure that you do not use any foundation. You should choose the right formulation of foundation for your skin type. If you have really oily skin then only pick a matte finish foundation. Otherwise it is best to pick a semi-sheer light foundation which blends super quickly. Choose a shade close to your actual skin tone. Never go a shade darker otherwise your face might look old.

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Matte foundation sometimes accentuates the fine lines on the skin which even makes it look old so skip using a completely matte foundation.

Excessive use of Blush

Blush  is meant to be just there and should not be applied like a compact powder, for God’s sake. You should make sure to lightly touch your apples with a suitable blush shade as per your skin tone. Overuse of blush too makes your face look much older. First of all pick soft shades like peach, baby pink, soft coral. And then swipe the blush brush lightly on the blusher and tap it on the back of your hand first to remove excess product and then you can use it on the face.

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Using Too Dark Lipstick

Not that deep dark lipsticks are all the same but some deep cherry or brown hues can actually make your face look a little more mature than your actual one so refrain from using such shades. Deeper lipstick shades also tend to make your lips smaller even if they are fuller. Choose lively bright hues or stick to soft coral and peach shades for your lips to look fabulous all the time.

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Also don’t forget to prime your lips with lip balm to make the lip color look great.

Heavy Eyeliner on lower lids

One of the most common makeup mistakes while doing eye makeup is that when you tend to apply a heavy liner on the lower eyelid just below the lash line. Well, yes that should be avoided as it tends to highlight the under eye darkness and your eyes look much tired and droopy.

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Instead you must avoid using a deep shade of eyeliner just below the lower lash line. You can also use a white/ nude eye pencil to make your eyes pop and appear bigger.

Well, these are the most common mistakes which should be avoided so as to keep your makeup look firm and younger while hiding most of the imperfections. I hope you find these tips useful for applying makeup.



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