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hi ana i am a silent reader of your blog since 2 months i learnt a lot, CTM ur herbal remedies all have really improved mah skin a lot.Im 24 wid medium 2 fair complexion basically south indian yellow toned n i have acne prone super duper oily skin,ur blog was a life saver 4 me……i dnt know wat not i did 2 reduce mah acne,i visited many dermas,followed regular schedules n even took skin peels…im sensitive so dint tak accutane d final step…4 2 yrs of mahh lyf i had very bad days….im jst wishing mah old skin cud cum 2 me..its super duper gud even mah whole body glows but mah face is a miss hit Frown

anyways sry 4 d big story i jst tld al dis becoz ur blog has been mah lie saver i gotta know many thngs…thank you so much wise she gang luv ya pple!!! Smile

well mah qquery 4 d day is now thanks 2 homeopathy since 1 mnth i dnt hav acne but d hyper pigmentation dint leave me,u know na dat pinkish tinge which acne leaves behind horrifying now im going 2 work its disgusting wen pple point out mah marks mah frns call me blemishes ki rani…so i want a gud concealer and compact and foundation 4 evryday use but it must b natural a bit not made up i gueess u can understand…..becoz im a make up novice,im learning thngs 4m u guys Smile Smile Smile

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  1. god I mss coll nd de SMS lingo.. 4 dat memor’s, thnx gal. 🙂 .. sowwie gal me 2 a novice in dis. ll w8 4 dese guys 2 ans ur qstn.

  2. Go to mac and get a good concealer and powder.. Or inglot.. Or colorbar.. These places have makeup artists as opposed to salesgirls! If u dont mind me telling ask ur derm abt some kojic acid cream or retinol a cream to fade blenishes.. Wont guve u the names as its best to use these creams after a docs opinion

  3. By the way the above mentioned creams really do work.. I had dis horrid acne breakout which left marks n my skin is 99 percent clear now save for a couple of marks here n there

  4. Use tretinoin cream… it has doc suggested me to get rid of scars n helped clear my face a lot! i apply in the nite n still use it!

    • Oh yess… Haa plzz consult a derma 1st.. it suited me well…but again all skintype is diff..

      m doing great ..shweta! happy weekend! wassup today?? no shoppin ? its saturday! 😀

  5. Heheh .. I think i shud give it a break after three blushes from mac , a dress and a top from mango hehe.. Tht day was payday when i met u girls! Me am chilling at mums today

    • O yaa… me n pree was shock wen u said.. “i want a couple of blushes”.. i was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? 😛 😛 hehehe pampered ! 😉 :-))

  6. tq @ shweta n @ erica i have already used both of dem before,mah derma already gav dem i hav RETIN A wid me,though i stopped using it as it flakes mah skin a lot,dry patches.kojic acid is better i did get sme clearance before il continue now tooo 🙂

    ill use des at nyt but until dey fade plz temme abt make up,4 sme medium coverage atleast becoz i live in vizag a place whch doesnt hav separate counters of mac/colorbar etc so i hav 2 order it online….

  7. Before i discovered mac inused loreal true match .. Thats good too try atte counters.. U mite wanna invest in a yellow corrector to neutralize the dark spots.. N try getting glycolic peels too they really help

  8. tq shweta sure ill visit theese places next tym wen i go 2 hydbad,by d way which city are u from??

    i took out mah gels and creams tday,whch were lying in the shelf 4m many days, im going through dem il visit mah derma again… 🙂 🙂

  9. Sweety, makeup only covers the post acne blemishes. Why dont u try Kumkumadi Tailam, which is good for blemishes and rashes. It takes around a couple of months to erase the blemishes and but in the end u will thank me. Believe me, since I have tried it myself.

  10. @ roopa hmmmm i heard a lot about dat,but its an oil ryt is it good 4 oily skin lyk mine…wont it again get back my acne?? 🙁
    one more thing how did you use it roopa? can you tell me in detail about it plzzzzzz it would be a lot of help
    because iam into ayurveda now, allopathy is not working for me so many side effects i got after using them…

  11. Kryolan concealer is good Lavanya. You can test it when you come to Hyd at Kathiawar store. Even Make-Up-Artist (MUA) has some good concealers for yellow tones wheatish-fair complexion.

  12. Those acne scars and red marks usually go away on their own. Mine did. But I guess each ones skin is different. Is your digestion ok?


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