Makeup Products That Really Last All Day!


I am sure most have us have felt cheated when a seemingly longstay product fades off in less than 5 hours !very few products actually pass the longwear test and here I will list out some products that work very well for me .My usual day begins me with me goin to work and on when I am in super disciplined phases I go to the gym straight from work!There a few products that really survive through the day and here goes..Most of them would be face and eye products..I am self confessed “lipstick eater”so even the longest wearing one wont stay for more than 4 -5 hrs on me!!Here are my favs! All products have been review on Wiseshe by our lovely writers.All pics fromWiseshe.


Long Lasting Makeup Products


Here I am listing down My Best Long Lasting Makeup Products:-

  • Mac prep+prime face visage spf 50 lotion:This baby is my holy grail!!Once its on my face it will set the base for most face products like foundation or blush!i have worked out often with this and my make is almost intact post a workout too. I have reviewed it here on Wiseshe.


  • Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB cream: The only TM in my opnion that lasts the day .I barely ever use liquid foundations on a day to day basis so cannot comment on their long wearing properties.But with this beauty on ,I look fresh all day.It minimises pores ,gives sun protection ,moisturises and gives light coverage.I would be greedy to ask for more.I have reviewed this on Wiseshe.


  • Mac blush in Supernova,Breezy and Fleur power:These three blushes in my opinion are perfect for a day when you are going to on the move and would not have time or inclination to touch up your makeup.Supernova in particular is the longest wearing of them all ,coming off only with a make up remover.ALl three have been reviewed on wiseshe as well.Im sure ZARA agrees with me on this one!


  • Colorbar true gloss and colorbar velvet matte lipstick:These babies are more like liquid lippies.Once set ,they will stay on for a looong loong time and even when they fade they leave a tint behind so you dont look like you have no lipstick on.On me … it stays for aboute  5 hrs which is very very good considering I tend to eat off my lipstick.the velvet mattes need no introduction.We are all aware of how long the stay on and at the end of the day also leave a nice stain behind.


  • MAybelline color tattoo eyeshadow and Mac Paint pots:These beauties really stay on and on .Once applied they will not budge till removed with a makeup remover.I would infact call the color tattoos the paint pots of a girl on a budget.


  • Mac fluidlines:Mac fluidlines are very creamy ,easy to use and very creamy !the last thru the day on the eyes and dont dry out in the pot either.The reason I did not add Maybelline gel liner to this list is because the liner dries up in the pot very soon.


  • Loreal Infallible eyeshadows:These are the best drugstore eyeshadows I have used in a long time.The staying power is just fantastic and once applied.. you can breathe easy as its not gonna fade at all.I usually turn to these on the days I have a long day !


  • Colorbar I glide eye pencils:Do I really need to say anything regarding these pencils?These pencils have made their way to every girls handbag..Infact my sis in law took 15 pencils ..i think 2 of each color back to usa coz she was so so impressed with the staying power and the quality of these pencils!!!They last all day and have even survived a sobbing bout!


What’s Your Favourite Makeup Product Which Last Really Long ?


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  1. I have a Naked 2 Palette that lasts the day when used with a my NYX Eyeshadow Primer.
    My Maybelline BB Cream lasts whole day too. Ofcourse my MAC blushes in Peaches, Mocha and Sunbasque. My Mac Techna Kohl stays with me. Also my MAC Viva Glam 1 Lipstick stays on and on, only lightens on eating or drinking by lasts through the day. And my beauty product favourite that lasts the who day is my Clinique Moisturising Lotion. Works best on my very dry skin all day long. Pheewwww…long list na… 🙂 But I love all these. They are inseparables.

    • Shweta..even i want to be like her in this regard because i hate it when i see that there is no lippi on when i desperately want to.


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