Makeup Revolution Lipstick The One Review & Swatch


Makeup Revolution Lipstick The One First Impression

Makeup Revolution products are getting popular day by day due to their quality. Everyone is now acquainted with their name which sometime back seemed like another company trying to build its name.

Today, I am sharing a first impression review of one of its product which has failed to impress me much, though I like other products by the brand. We recently shared with you an update about how Nykaa sent us a gift hamper on completing 4 years. I am going to talk about the Makeup Revolution lipstick shade The One- which I got along the other wonderful products in the hamper and of course the delicious chocolates and cookies that they had sent.

makeup revolution lipstick shades

  • Price – 262 INR on Amazon

About Makeup Revolution Lipstick The One

This color has certainly disappointed me for now as it is nude to the extreme and does not show up. It would not look good on any skin tone as per me. I will be using it underneath my lipstick for a better result.

makeup revolution lipstick review

Though living to the expectation, the packaging of the product is very good. It would have been better though with a better plastic or some other material being used on the outside. It as of now looks like a MUA’s lipstick. The gold font however is able to save the day for the brand as it gives a trendy and forward looking first impression to the brand.

It is a good product for those who like to put on nude colors; otherwise it is not a very appealing color. If you like to use it during the day time or maybe for the students etc. this could be a color to look forward to. I have a feeling that people with big and bold eyes might like it too as it would help enhance your look without making you appear weird. This is seen sometimes that people with very big and bold eyes put on some dark or light lipstick shades. Honestly it makes them look funnier instead.

makeup revolution lipstick price

My Thoughts About Makeup Revolution Lipstick The One

Students and people with very fair complexions and rosy pink lips could still find it good to be used on a daily basis. Others may use it underneath their lipsticks but that of course is not some specialty of this product.

For me since I have it now, I will use it underneath my lipsticks but I am not going to purchase it in future since it holds no importance to me. So, I basically have a mixed review about this product. I do not love it nor do I hate it completely. I would rather leave it on you to decide if you want to use it or you don’t want to. It is not very exemplary but it is neither bad to be used.

Since it is a light shade, I wear it on days when I want to keep my makeup simple. Like for short day outings like a coffee with friends or a movie. Although the lipstick is creamy, it does no good in moisturizing this lipstick doesn’t stand on what it claims and I would recommend skipping it and investing the little money in something better like a lip balm. Here i am going to swatch this for you on my hands…..

Makeup Revolution Lipstick The One Swatch:-

makeup revolution lipstick swatch
Since it belongs to a good brand, we cannot deny maybe someone of you might feel good about it. The quality does impress when it comes to the products from Makeup revolution. So you might want to form an opinion yourself. Since every person is different their choices are deemed to be different and we better not debate on what product one may like and what may not. Our reviews are meant to give you a direction to help you take a decision. It doesn’t mean they are binding on you.


  1. This won’t show up for sure…i was thinking to pick a shade from d range but was not sure of d shades suitable for me!

    do u have any personal favorite from the range Ana?

  2. I have been eyeing Makeup revolution lipsticks for a while now and was delighted to see you have reviewed it. I love its Packaging and range of colours.
    Lovely Review as Always 😀


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