Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 Palette Review & Swatches


By Anu Gupta

Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 Palette


Hello Beauties,

This is my very first makeup post on wishshe and I am so very excited 🙂 This post is about a very new makeup brand called “Makeup Revolution London”. I think it’s a sister company of MUA (Makeup Academy)

The product is called “iconic-3 redemption palette” which is a very beautiful eye shadow palette consisting 12 different shades, a mixture of pearl, matte and shimmer ones.


Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 palette


And you know what is the most exciting thing about this product due to which it’s creating such a popularity amongst all the bloggers is that it’s a dupe of NAKED 3. Yes you heard it right 🙂

Though I am a new comer in the field of makeup art but I have always been a makeup hoarder and NAKED palette has always been into my wish list but due to my not so good skills into makeup I always refrain from buying this expensive product.

My experience Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 Palette:

Now let’s come back to this new hotty in the town. This is a product which is giving clear competition to the high end products on very much affordable price. All the shadows available into this palette are highly pigmented and stay on for quite a long time. They are easily blend able also you can build them up without looking cakey and patchy like how we expect from those high end brands and these features totally made me crazy at such affordable price range. If you are a lover of neutral eye makeup then this palette is going to be a permanent product at your makeup table.


Makeup Revolution London ICONIC3


These shades don’t contain any names unlike NAKED Palette so we’ll give them number while comparing it with highly coveted NAKED Palette. ICONIC-3 palette comes with 12 different shades and dual ended eye shadow sponge brush. Each of the shadow is laid out in narrow strips. Let’s look at each and every shade now starting from l-to-R


Makeup Revolution ICONIC3 swatch


  • Shade1 – This is the palest shade with matte finish within the palette. This shade will work very well as a base shadow for the other shades or you can use it as a highlight for the inner corner and brow bone.
  • Shade2 – This is a shimmery very pale pink with shimmer and works nicely as an all over the lid shade. It can be worn all over the lid on its own. It will brighten up the face.
  • Shade3 – It is a nude shade with a satin finish but the texture is creamy.
  • Shade4 – Is a matte shade and highly pigmented for a matte shadow. It’s a pink beige shade with a warm undertone.
  • Shade5 – This is a rosy gold shade with a shimmery. It’s such a lovely shade to be worn all over my lids.
  • Shade6 – It is a shimmer copper shade with high pigmentation.
  • Shade7 – This is again a matte shade in chocolate brown and can be used on crease.
  • Shade8 – It is a light brown shade. It has a shimmery finish and looks quite metallic
  • Shade9 – This is a dark chocolate brown shade again with a shimmery finish. Very well pigmented without any fall out.
  • Shade10 – Is a super pretty cool-toned taupe shade.
  • Shade11 – This is a dark grey shade with a satin finish. And I read it somewhere that it is better than some of my MAC shadows.
  • Shade12 – This last shade of the palette is a very dark brown, close to the black shade.



Makeup Revolution ICONIC3 ingredients



Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t own any of the NAKED Palette so I went ahead and searched for NAKED-3 swatch on internet and I literally jumped with joy after seeing that my new beauty is actually a dupe of this high end beauty like most bloggers were claiming on internet. But yes looking at the packaging no doubts UD NAKED is much more beautiful but for 4 pounds I don’t think I should be complaining on that. So here is the visual comparison of both the palette.


Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette swatches

Makeup Revolution ICONIC3 swatch


Everyday eye makeup look using ICONIC-3

Using ICONIC-3 I tried to create a very simple everyday eye makeup which will be apt for daily office wear.

1. Prime your eyes and put shade 7 on crease and blend it.

2. Shade 1 put in inner corner and blend

3. Shade 11 in outer corner and blend

4. Put shade 3 in middle of the lid and blend.

5. Take shade 1 and again brighten the inner corner

6. Shade 7 on bottom lash line

7. Shade 1 as brow bone highlighter. Now apply kajal on both upper and lower lash line, curl your eye lash and apply mascara.


Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 Redemption Palette


Where did I get this product? I got this product from when I was looking into their beauty section and got tempted with the composition of beautiful shades this single palette offer.

PROS and CONS of ICONIC-3 Redemption Palette:

What I like about Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 Palette:

  • Obviously first feature is that it’s a dupe of NAKED-3 🙂
  • Highly pigmented eye shadows consisting mostly neutral shades.
  • Super affordable.
  • Mixture of Matte, Shimmer shades.
  • Don’t smell.

What I don’t like about Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 Palette:

  • At this price I honestly don’t see any con with this product. Even if any of the shade falls out a little bit, it’s easy buildable.
  • Eye shadow brush it comes with will not be of much use and yes if you look at the brush that comes with NAKED palette, of course it’s down but who really cares for a brush when we all beauty artists own most of the good brushes right 🙂
  • Limited availability. As in India I saw these products only on but I guess soon other beauty websites will launch it too. But in UK, you will get these products in almost all drug stores.

Price of ICONIC-3 Redemption Palette: This product is actually for 4 GBP but from Jabong I got it in 1200 INR.

Rating: I would rate it 5/5 looking at the price and the color composition they offering.

Final Verdict: After writing so many good things about this palette, of course you all know that this is one of my best purchases so far and I am incredibly impressed with this product. This palette is definitely a collectable. Oh yes, on this note I want to inform you all that these palette come in a series ICONIC-1, ICONIC-2 and ICONIC-3 and all the three are claimed to be the dupe of NAKED-1, NAKED-2 and NAKED-3.

So go and get it girls 🙂

Have you tried Makeup Revolution London ICONIC-3 Palette ?

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  1. Hurry up beauties……….40% off on these palettes as well as all the products of Makeup Revolution London on jabong. :-):-):-):-)

    • Pkz let me know that now it price is 600 rs, should I buy?? Actually I was thinking that is that close to exoiry date thus they are giving this much discount for clearance sale??? Plz reply..

  2. Hello!!
    The range of product they have is so great and the price on their website is soooo less. Even I saw these in jabong but they have kept them at very high price compared to original. That’s why I am having a second thought.
    May be I wl wait for my purchase or for them to be available at lower price because I want whole lot from them.

    Btw, nice post.

  3. I saw I’m that it is being sold for rs600. I have one thing in mind ‘ is that very close to expiry date and thus they are giving with that discount!!!! What you guys think’ should I buy??


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