Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter Review & Dupe Alert


Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter Review

Hello Sweeties,

I am a big fan of highlighters especially the ones with pearl gold sheen. The balm cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer is my all-time favorite highlighter which I have ended up buying twice. As I was on a budget, I wanted something similar to Mary Lou Manizer. At last ended up finding the closest dupe of Mary Lou Manizer, please have a look at all my pictures and review and grab this beauty if you are looking for an affordable highlighter.

Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter review

About Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter

Brighten and highlight your face with this Pro Illuminate. By adding a subtle glow this creates a natural touch of illumination throughout the year. Using a powder brush, swipe against areas of the face to add highlight.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free

Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter shades

Price: INR 850 for 15g

Availability: Available online at several Indian online shopping sites. Wait for some offers, you can get this at great deal.

Packaging: Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate highlighter comes in a huge round plastic pan packaging. It has a flip top cover on which the brand name is embossed in gold. Ingredient list can be found at the back of the pan. The highlighter is pretty to look at, it has 3 d diamond pattern. No mirror or brush has been provided with it. As the pan is quite huge will occupy lots of space and is not travel friendly. I found the packaging is not sturdy enough, when I received the highlighter, it was already damaged. As the texture is soft and packaging is not sturdy enough, this will get damaged easily.

My Overall Experience with Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter

Shade: Illuminate is a gorgeous pearl gold highlighter with well milled micro shimmers. I found this shade apt for us Indian skin tones. It is not frosty or cool, it has warmer tones and will flatter olive skinned beauties. After a long time, I found an affordable pearl gold highlighter at an amazing price.

Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter swatch india

Pigmentation: It is intensely pigmented. I would advise beginners as well as makeup experts to go light hand with it. Though when applied two swipes, the effect is so stunning, kind of blinding effect due to reflection of shimmers. In my swatches you can check out, I have swatched this highlighter just once. Also check the pic where I have blended the highlighter, you can see how the well milled shimmer imparts pearl gold sheen to my skin. I am so glad it does not have chunky shimmers in it.

Texture and Finish: It has soft velvety texture, however I find it there is lots of wastage of product when picked up with a brush due to creamy powdery texture. This highlighter has a soft frosty finish which imparts pearl gold sheen to my skin and it blends like a dream. Also does not highlight pores as the shimmers are finely milled. It can be easily used by those who are facing accentuated pores issues.

Longevity: Well frankly saying never found any highlighter lasting this long, even in this humid weather, I felt the highlighter looks intense and does not fade or lightens with time, it stays on my combination skin for long hours. While removing my makeup I realized, my face was still glowing and looked luminous even after 7 hours of application. Please guys if you are on a budget or getting ready to marry and looking for a budget friendly long lasting highlighter which won’t look OTT but will impart whole day luminous skin, you search has ended.

Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter swatches

What I liked about Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter?

  • It is a stunning pearl gold highlighter.
  • Imparts glowing luminous skin.
  • Shimmers are so fine, that it imparts a pearl gold sheen.
  • Does not settle into pores.
  • Blends like a dream.
  • Can be layered on for that blinding effect makeup artists rave about.
  • Has huge quantity, some 15 grams of product.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Has a pretty 3 d diamond pattern.
  • Lasts for a whole day without fading.

Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter fotd

What I did not like about Makeup Revolution London Pro Illuminate Highlighter?

  • It has parabens
  • It is huge, so not travel friendly.
  • Packaging is not sturdy enough, I received highlighter in damaged condition.
  • While picking up, there is wastage of product.
  • Not available at stores.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 ( I am deducting 0.5 only for not so sturdy packaging)

My Overall Recommendation: Highly Recommended! At the price this highlighter is sold, is a steal. Please look no further, if you love highlighter with pearl gold sheen and finely milled shimmers with high staying power, whooping quantity and great price, your search ends here. You can never finish this highlighter and hit the pan, it has 15 grams of product. I am 100 % sure, it will expire before that. Go run and grab it. :p 😀

Dupe Alert: It is a closest dupe of The balm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer, which is a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists all over the world. However, I find the texture of mary lou manizer firm and less powdery.


  1. Bahut hi accha look aaya hai iske liye agar product ko thoda dhyan se carry karey to paisa wasool hai
    Jokes apart, packaging per brand ko dhyan dena chaiye, nahi to itna accha product waste ho jaayega

    • Ya dear many are big fans of mary lou manizer like me but everyone can’t spend 24 dollars on a highlighter, they can aaram se go 4 this one, this is 15 gm, mary lou is 8.5 grams. Ya am shining one due to lighting and another i have applied so much of highlighter

  2. Thanks for the dupe alert. It’s not like that I would ever get that 20+ dollar highlighter but at least I would feel good that ‘the balm’s one had been looking the same way on me hehe…

    • Exactly, many would feel the same. However I am a big fan of of the balm mary lou manizer, it was first love, difficult to forget your first love


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