Makeup Shades To Choose As Per Your Skin Undertone


This is a continuation of my last post on how to test your skin undertone. By now we are clear on what our skin undertone is. The next step to know what color shade suits our undertone.

A little flashback of the last post:

3 types of undertone found.

  • Warm undertone
  • Cool undertone
  • Neutral /Medium undertone

Skin undertone makeup shades_Cool Warm Medium tones+shades of skin tone


I will be covering shades for warm and cool undertone in this post. For girls with neutral undertone, you are lucky babes!! You can experiment with any color of your choice 😉

It’s extremely important we pick the right colors that suit us to extenuate our features. Why is it that some shade of a color washes us out completely, but the same color in a different shade looks extremely flattering?? It the undertone that matters.

Notice how badly the below ladies have goofed up with their lip colors?

It doesn’t suit their skin undertone at all. Angelina Jolie is blue undertone. Warm orangey red lippie looks stark on her. J Lo’s attempt at nude lipstick is bad. Gauri Khan – No comments!! The lesser known lady with dark skin color, is a clear yellow tone and this light purple blue undertone lippie washes her out completely.

Skin undertone makeup shades_wrong lipstick shade+brown skin makeup


Eyes gone wrong.

Halley Barry warm undertone so silver is a no-no for her. What’s with Bipasha’s wanna be Chinese attempt? The other two ladies are warm undertone too but grey and pale blue washes them out.

Skin undertone makeup shades_wrong eyeshadows+makeup tips

Blush isn’t well!

Aishwarya with dark magenta blush, no-no. Kangana, bronze is not for you baby. My friend from Africa has forgotten she has a yellow undertone and is wearing a cool undertone blush. Celina, why amma?? Why that dark red blush?

Skin undertone makeup shades_wrong blush shades+face makeup

Here is a list below that will help you chose the shade that suits you best. These are just recommendation. Your mirror knows it best!!!





Blush Dirty Pink, Coral, Peach, Orange, Apricot, Copper, Burnt Copper, Bronze
Eye Shadow Gold, Pink, Coral, Orange, Light green.
Lipstick Warm Red , Brown , Magenta, Brick, Rusty Red, Burgundy


Skin undertone makeup shades_shades for warm skin tone+makeup colors 




Blush Pink, Hot Pink, Dark Red, Neon Pink
Eye Shadow White, Silver, Grey, Purple, Dark Pink, Pale Blue
Lipstick True red, Pinkish Red, Light Purple, Purple, Violet

  Skin undertone makeup shades_shades for cool skin tone+makeup shades

Coming soon: After the 2 posts of simple test to find your skin undertone and what makeup shade suits your undertone. My third post on this topic is even more granular.

Hint: Are you a dusky Indian chic? There is a list of brands (Hi-end and drug store) for you. Plus there are the shades for you from these brands. Enjoy!!


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  1. lyk i mentioned in ur last i am warm- neutral toned 😛 so most of d colors luk gud on me..thank god 😀 except d JLo kind tht too i guess bcoz of dusky skintone 😛 … now eagerly waiting for ur next post :-)) .very detailed write up avanti :-))

  2. Awesome avanti! Very well written ! I do wonder how ppl with a distinct yellow undertone walk out of the house with pure silver just looks ashy


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