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Well ladies, I am a newbie to make up. I stick to some kind of base, tinted lip balm and kajal for my day to day look and for night look, add a liner and light lipstick. That’s it for me. I have oily, acne prone skin. My skin tone is wheatish . I have small, little sunken eyes, full lips.  Here is a request everybody; I am so new to makeup that I get confused easily. I know it’s gonna cost you some time but please give suggestions and that too with numbers etc. like what shade of the lipstick for example. Thanks in advance. Now I am pointing out to 3 people from whose posts here I am very impressed:  I want detailed answers from you guys. Please consider yourself at gun point. So first of all I should tell you what I have:

The bases : I am planning to buy ponds tinted moisturizer. Otherwise I am set on foundation front.I need a foundation that provides good coverage as I have fading marks of acne. Please suggest some reasonable and some other brands.

Except this I have a color bar concealer (almond coffee 03)


revlon new complexion foundation


The face powders : the Lakme one didn’t work for me. I couldn’t work around it perfectly. It looks streaky and lil chalky on me. Still couldn’t throw it. Can you please suggest any use for it?



Lakme perfect radiance compact



The eye shadow : this is my one and only eye shadow. Somebody made me get it saying that it’s a basic palette. I am not into colorful eye shadows. If you guys can suggest a plain eye shadow which seems natural on me. You know kind of nude makeup.


shimmery eyeshadows


 The blush : This is my one and only blush palette . I always get conscious when I use blush. I feel as if it’s too much. I am practicing with the help of wise she. Please suggest some good, natural looking shades with brands.



blush palette India



revlon luscious mascaras street wear trasnparent mascara




NYX jumbo pencil in bronze, elle 18 purple pataka, revlon aqua blue, lakme go grape, lakme irish coffee,




NYX jumbo pencil in bronze, elle 18 purple pataka, revlon aqua blue, lakme go grape, lakme irish coffee,




shimmery lipsticks India



Street wear luscions lip color swatches




Street wear mineral lip gloss swatches10





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  1. Hi, you have a good collection ashu, I am not a makeup person either. So I will suggest that I know. I have ponds Tm in sheer honey. I have brown skin tone. This leaves a whitish cast, but I love the way skin feels when I use it. You please test it at the counter before you decide on it. I heard the maybelline base is good. But I have not tried it.

    Lipsticks your collection is good. Maybelline colorsensational is reasonable. You can check tinted taupe, crazy for coffee for nude lips. Autum rush will look great on you.

    maybelline colossal is great and budget friendly mascara.

    Even Lakme radiance compact din work for me. I liked the regular one. Its just around 100 or 150. Check it out. Revlon moisturising compact is very good. I have not tried it but heard really good reviews of it. It costs around 350.

    Colorbor concealer pots have 9 shades you can check them.

    Lake cheek artist kiss of rose and colorbar cosmic rose will look good on you.

    Maybelline Chai latte quad for eyeshawdow.

    Use good brushes for blush and compact.

    Hope these help. there are other talented beauties to help..

    Hope you get what you need..
    You look pretty dear..
    enjoy ur shopping :-* :lipstick:

  2. Hey Ashu,
    Looking at your collection, I feel you’re far better off than me 🙂
    Anyways, few suggestions from my end are:
    1. Foundation: I guess your complexion is quite close to mine so suggest you try out Lakme Nine to Five Flawless Foundation (in Pearl and Marble) and Lakme Souffle in Pearl. Though Pearl is recommended for fair skin but surprisingly it worked better than Marble on my face as it gave me a refreshed look while Marble appeared a l’il ashy after 20 mins. The trick is you first check the foundation swatch on the back and front of your wrist and then try the agreeable one on your face. Allow the foundation to set for 20-30 mins and only then take the decision to buy it. Another thing the Nine to Five option will not give you a dewy look if that’s what you’re searching for. There are plenty of options in other brands but none have worked too well for me so not suggesting those.
    2. Blush: If you prefer a nice natural look, I suggest Maybelline Dream mousse blush in soft plum. It’s staying power isn’t very good but the colour’s amazing for a tone like yours and re-touching does not make make-up look OTT (It’s got mild shimmer). Alternately, you can try Lakme Cheek Artist in Rose if you don’t want shimmer and Peach if you’re okay with some shimmer. Even Bourjois has some amazing cream blushes.
    3. Lips: Try Revlon Colorstay Everlasting Rum. It’s an awesome shade which will look super-natural. Try applying the tester with your fingers and check it if it suits you. It’s one of my favourites for both regular wear and occasions. Btw, it’s a Longstay lipstick and give’s glossy look. I don’t see any in your collection, so could be a new addition if you like it.

  3. Btw, try out Mac Mineral compacts… worked well for me… You’ll need to try out the shade that suits you best rather than us suggesting you on that front … but quality and shades are quite good

  4. Wow what a collection ashu !!!
    I am also a newbie .
    but still share what I love in my vanity..
    for base primer, Loreal primer is the best.
    if u have oily skin this is going to be ur bestest friend beleive me !!!

    for foundation after along long search (mac is not in my place ) i settled with loreal mouusse foundation. even I dont like revlon new complexion one. I just threw it off..and i found biotique tm to be so thick and sticky. I love ponds TM sheer honey .

    then for lippies I really liked all the shades of elle 18 ones which u have
    u have a great selection.
    by the way I have only very light and nude shades of lippies in my collection.
    my mahagony ,autumn rush, totalluy toffee ,(maybelline colorsensational) and lakme alphrodite blush are the one which I use ..

    as of eye shadows I dont even have a palette of my own !!!
    blush I have only single blush lakme kiss of a rose

    eyeliners am not into coloured liners by the way
    but i love lakme forcver silk eye pencils on upper line and faces kajal or lakme absolute on my lower lash line .
    mascara none other than maybelline collosal kajal.
    have nt tried any other brand yet..

    compact aftera lots of tug of war I found by best lakme perfect radiance..
    that too was suggested by Mitra..
    mitra are u listening :-*
    earlier it never suited me I felt it looks so white on my skin. but I bought the shade 6 of lakme radiance.
    it suits me well.and I have bought almost 6 pans of lakme perfect radiance till now ..
    otherwewise revlon touch and gloww is also good but once after laying my hands on lakme pefect radiance shade 6 no looking back..

    by the way U have got very sharp nose and nice features
    cute snap !!
    ahhh Does my comment look lengthy ? :duh:

  5. Hey Ashu, I am no makeup pro so I don’t think I’d be able to suggest much…

    I have also been very disappointed with the lakme compact because it goes on all chalky on me. What I did was, I took a chunk of compact, crushed it finely and then mixed it well with a light moisturizer to make my own version of tinted moisturizer. When applied, it does not leave a whitish cast on my face and still gives a nice even finish. You could try doing that and see if it works for you.

  6. Hey Girl,

    Your collection of lip products (glosses & lipsticks) is pretty good, so I don’t need you need anything extra there.

    Here is my quick list:

    1. Base: L’oreal Primer
    2. Foundation: Ponds TM or Lakme Compact. I haven’t experienced any chalkiness with it & I’m on my 2nd pan – but test it at the store, in case you may find it chalky as well. It is important that you get something that matches your skin perfectly – no matter what foundation you get. A wrong shade means foundation will be streaky, chalky, hard to blend & all.
    3. Concealor: You already have one, so you can skip it.
    4. Eyeliner: You have a black liquid liner, so you can get a dark brown pencil eyeliner to begin with. Try faces or colorbar.
    5. Eyeshadow: maybelline chai latte is good, but you must use a eye base underneath or else color payoff is really bad. Try colorbar for single eyeshadows like spicy brown or else revlon customeyes quad in naturally glamourous is a better choice as compared to maybelline.
    6. Blush: The blush pallete you have is too pink to look natural. Try a blush wth a brown undertone, like Colorbar plum brown or Just earth. They staying power is just 2-3 hours though with these.

    I think you’ll be set with these products. I have suggested mostly neutral tones, as you are new to makeup and neutral natural makeup is more forgiving when it comes to mistakes in application. Once you get the hang of things you can experiment with brighter, bolder shades.

  7. primer-nyx
    foundation-maxfactor age renewal
    concealer-colorbar full cover/mac prolong wear/revlon blemish concealer
    compact-chambor silver shadow
    blush-nyx cream blush /faces canada/lotus herbals
    lipstick-maybelline warm me up/revlon

  8. Not a makeup person and this many things you have …I dont’ know where I should go n hide 😀

    @Anu, the malware problem still is there in your site, before it was only chrome blocking now firefox and IE doing it. And I can’t go the main page …I have to go via post, getting search result is very tough too …I just want to inform you.

  9. Hi Ashu,

    i cant see any of the pics coz of a prob on my system but after reading all the details i’ve tried to come up with the choices I wud probably make:

    Concealor: I use Colorbar concealor stick. They r amazingly good.

    Foundation: L’oreal True Match (for heavy coverage)or Lotus gel foundation (for medium coverage)..Ponds TM is gr8 too!

    Compact: I like Avon’s Simply Pretty compact

    Finishing Powder: I like using Sue Devitts finishing powder and I think u shud also try Faces mineral powder since its easily available.

    Eye Shadow: If u wana start off with neutrals, i’d blindly direct u to Revlon’s e/d quad in Copper Spice. its great for a neutral look

    BLush: If u like powder blushes, I say recommend Faces(Burnt Sienna/ thulian Pink) and Max Factor (Classic Pink) and for cream blushes, it wud be Nyx (Tea Rose)

    Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Volume 🙂

    Lipsticks: If ur lips are like mine which dry out easily I’d advice u to keep away from Mattes..I luv Maybelline watershines and L’oreal nutri shines (like i even need to tell u how much I like these)

    Eyeliner: I find Colorbar and Faces liners to be totally worth it..color wise and pocket-wise 🙂

    Hopes this helps dear 🙂

    • thanks zara. you were one of the persons on gun point :silly: the names didnt get printed here.
      actually if you ca nhelp in sugggesting the shades you know. but if you cant see the photos then …..
      anyways do tell me the shades whenever the photos could be see. pretty please . :fingersxd:

      • sure dear…i really wish i cud see ur pics then i wud have given a more detailed reply…i did the best i cud widout them 🙂 🙂

        u want shade names for lippies na?

        • yes. i get so confused. the rule about warm skin tone etc go way over my head so if u get shades names then i can ask for them particularly and by trying , i might become lil smart about what will look good on me . so shades name will be aooreciated. and i am really impressed by your blush collection so suggest something about that too. and about esome neutral e ye shadow s too. gosh i have given you homework babe. help me no :cute:

    • I like Mabeylline Watershine too and Naked Brown is my favourite colour in it…Thanks for your suggestions.. guess will myself try revlon e/d quad copper spice and NYX Tea Rose Blush

      • i havent tried naked brown but ill try to check it out…i luv the fact that these lippies r not just easily accessible but also like a lip balm and lipstick all in one…for dry and lined lips like mine they r fab choices….

        The Revlon e/s quad was one of the first few i got…its gr8 to start out with and even if ur a pro at eye looks its nice for theose neutral pretty looks..not to mention they r super travel friendly 🙂

        which other lippies do u use forum?

        • Oh well, I was actually referring to their watershine gloss… sorry 😛 I ain’t a fan of lipsticks and prefer anything glossy – either longstay or otherwise but still suggest u can try it either by itself or over ur lippies. It’s a very good shade which I suppose will suit every skin tone – fair to dusky
          I love Revlon Colorstay Overtime ones… have two – Everlasting Rum and Boundless Brandy and planning to buy one more 🙂 Though they’re expensive, they stay for long and you can control the amount of application depending on the occasion you’re wearing it for. Others have lots of glosses and lipsticks of Mabeylline, Colorbar, Etude, Streetwear and Lakme but usually end up wearing Mabeylline Watershine Naked Brown and Revlon Colorstay more often ‘coz they appear more natural on me.
          Btw, thoh it’s not related to this post, wanted to ask u if Wunder eye cream works better than Aroma Magic eye gel?… I too have pretty nasty dark circles and want some help to get rid or at least lighten them

            • Oh okay… I bought the gel after reading positive reviews about it from plenty of blogs… It’s been a month, I guess but it’s not shown any improvement at all… Will wait for another month and then try Wunder eye cream… btw, I have been using Kumkumadi Tailam (which I bought from Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala) and it seems to be working on some of my blemishes quite wonderfully… I don’t have a problematic skin or really bad blemishes overall, just some tiny pimple marks and had got the oil mainly to see if it works for my eyes (my main problem area)… let’s see ‘coz after seeing the result on my skin am a l’il hopeful for it to work

  10. hi all,
    i m so happy that she has such beautiful collections. anu di me get scared, whenever i think of make up on my self :sweat: :struggle: .i dont use any kind of make up not a lipgloss n not even a tinted was only last year that for some function, my sister applied pressed powder on my face n i looked like ……… no no words :alien: :weep: . i just looked like a clown. (i home it had been my night mare but was all alive)since then i stay away from it, dont know anything about it :no:

  11. anu di,
    my first reason of joining with wise she is jst to overcome my makeup fever i see so beautiful colors here that sometimes i feel like pouring them on meeeeeeeeee, n trying hard to vanish my first blast with makeup.going through every do’s n don’s with makeup. n with ur support im sure i will soon :victory: :victory: :rainbow: 🙂

  12. Ashu..i’m not good at suugesting shades…but one thing, once you get used to wiseshe , you’l have no end to your learning curve….it just gets better….i’m a living proof good luck and let us know what all you finally got..oh one thing i’d like to siggest is this foundation from Lakme Silk naturalle i think (sorry i cant remember names) its in a shade called Shell …do check it out, i like it for the coverage and the shade..

  13. BTW your eyeshadow scollection in the pan is good enough, just learn how to use the right color mixes…and buy some good should be sorted..and same with blushes…just get a good brush and your 3 sahdes should be good….try mixing the shades to get something new..


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