Makeup Shopping Online : Foundations & Concealers


Makeup Shopping Online : Foundations & Concealers

Internet has become so intrinsic to our lives today that we cannot imagine our lives without it. Everything, virtually everything is available online at the click of a mouse and we need not step out of our homes. Brilliant as it sounds, it is definitely very tricky as well.

I mean, we can order the things we want to but at the same time one needs to be cautious about the quality of the product which we otherwise would have checked physically.

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Choose the brand

To this effect, it is better to plan the purchase with all ingredients on mind, brand if possible chosen already. Eventually once we are habitual, online purchase gets easier. If, however we need to purchase something like a makeup product may be a lipstick or a compact, it is still easier by knowing the brand and color. However, we need to be very particular about the type and brand when buying a foundation or concealers.


We should not get carried away with the color or packaging shown on the website as these are all treated and the pictures are usually arbitrary. To avoid this, we must ensure to buy a product which we are sure about.

MAC Face and body foundation C5

Always buy a product you know the whereabouts of. One should know the brand, the make, the ingredients and most importantly the price. It is important, therefore to study the product well may be through the website or through the source you got to know about the product. If you are just browsing through some products online, please avoid purchasing until and unless you are pretty sure about the website.

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Filter You product

Though it’s pretty easy otherwise and most websites are prudent enough to provide quality products, with brands supporting your purchase. You should, take care of the options available to filter your purchase for example, skin type, color tone, price filters etc. Though the convenience of not having to step out is quite attractive, returning the product bought online and buying again can be a little problematic, hence it is better to be watchful while ordering itself and avoid such snags.

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Check Expiry

Also, when the product comes to you, which is usually at a quicker pace, like in  2-3 days time, you should firstly check the expiry date of the product received. We check it while buying from a shop but we often miss it while buying products online. To avoid it, we must ensure that we order and pick our products ourselves. While ordering online, always ensure you choose a delivery slot to receive it yourself so that the product is checked right there and then and if the need be, it can be arranged for an immediate return.


In case you have already purchased the product, received it and it turns out to be wrong, check it immediately and fill the return form. Call the customer care department of the website where you purchased the product from. Usually they ask for the package and the tag to be intact while returning, so try not losing the tag until you are convinced that the product meets your expectations.

If you have received the right product, you are good to go and use it! Once it becomes a habit within you to be particular about what you purchase, online shopping of your cosmetics would be a piece of cake!


  1. Hi I have very dark eye circles. I am currently using Kryolan supra concealer but I am not getting that in Bangalore. can you suggest good concealer for dark circles which is easily available and gives good coverage


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