Makeup & Skin Care Suggestions In 30’s


Anonymous A asks, 

Hi Friends,

I am one of your silent readers and enjoy the discussion on makeup and makeup products.I am in my late 30’s and need to start using some basic skincare products, which should help my skin look good. I have tried various products but somehow never satisfied with my purchase. I guess my limited knowledge and lack of interest in these things make me buy the wrong stuff. With the expertise and passion with which you gals spend your time on buying the right stuff, i request you all to come to my rescue:)

My biggest problem is sweat. When ever i use any moisturizer, my skin starts looking greasy and if the weather is hot n humid then my skin and scalp become sweaty and i feel so miserable and unclean. Since, i live in mumbai hot and humid climate i can never escape. So gals, plz tell me which moisturizer will suit me and which shampoo should i use for my hair. As for my hair it lack body, basically they are thin and silky. Any shampoo which will make my hair non greasy at the same time give it volume, do suggest.

On make up front, i need info on what i shud buy(i mean brand and how do i choose the right product) .

a) A good foundation cum concelar(under eye)also suggest a good under eye cream for dark circles. I have a uneven skin tone. Also my complexion is inconsistent, sometimes i look fair and sometimes wheatish, so i have no clue which foundation to buy. I remember reading a post by anamika where she had discussed about such skin tones…

I have never used a mascara, but i love using eyeliner, so plz suggest a good mascara which will make my lashes look thick and beautiful…you’ll can also suggest a good black eyeliner for everyday use..

For now thats it gals.Eagerly waiting for your valuable suggestions.



Makeup And Skin Care In 30's

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  1. wowww..ok here goes – my skin type is normal to oily and I am kind of a fair complexion person.

    These are a few of my favourite things- 🙂

    Moisturizer – Oil of Olay – Normal
    Cleanser – Neutrogena Deep clean Normal to Oily/Nivea mixed to oily
    Toner – Body shop seaweed combination/oily skin/Nivea mixed to oily
    Primer – you must use a primer cos it will really help the make up stay longer. MAC prep+prime base is very good. My makeup stays on for atleast 4 to 5 hrs and all I have to do is blot my nose once or twice during the day cos it gets terribly oily.
    Foundation – MAC pro longwear – NC 40
    Concealer – MAC pro longwear NC 42
    Blush – NYX mosaic powder – lovely hues of pinks
    eyeliner – maybelline gel eyeliner (good for waterline as well), Faces eye pencils in aqua blue and forest green
    Mascara – i use it rarely but maybelline collosal is good
    eyeshadows – i think for your skin type, smokey eyes would look could also smudge a blue eye pencil

    Hope this helps :yes: :yes:

  2. Thanks Appu for your reply :-))

    What about the other friend….. i wud luv to have their feed back too. :help:

    Anamika what about you?? Why don’t you give some suggestions and options ?:-) you might have some clue, what shud suit my skin type.

    I guess since most of you gals are in your 20’s you’ll have no clue what to suggest. 😥

    Hai na bolo bolo 😛

  3. Hi A,

    My skin is oily, and when I feel the need I use Neutrogena Oilfree moisteriser. Mostly I just avoid any moisterisers/creams on my skin since it so oily.

    I use a Diana of London compact which keeps the skin matt for some time.

    As for the skin that’s fair and dull, I face the same problem after my baby. I have been using lots of face masks, at least thrice a week and they do seem to help. You can try from the range of Dabur Uveda, Lotus and Biotique.

    I donno how to avoid the sweaty scalp.. is it like oily scalp? Then try Sesa shampoo and see if it helps. It gives a clean feeling to my normal scalp and if overused it makes it dry, so probably it shud suit you.

    I would also suggest you some hair masks to get hair in healthy condition. You can try Jovees [reviewed on this site] or biotique or other home made recipes.
    All the best!

  4. Wow Appu… that’s a complete exhaustive list 🙂
    My skin’s not oily but sharing a few things that I suppose should help all skin types:
    (1.) Kumkumadi Tailam: Apply all over the face especially under eyes and over pimples before hitting the sack at night. Make sure your face is washed before doing that. I’m myself experiencing changes with time. It takes a reallllyyy long time to work, i.e. min 3 months but it’s quite effective and very safe. Moreover, one has to use it only at bedtime.
    (2.) Rose water (Fab India / Dabur Gulabari): Swipe a piece of cotton with rose water on your face every time after washing your face. Not only will it help and tone your skin but also make you feel fresh and smell nice.
    (3.) Shampoo: I keep changing my shampoos but some that have given my hair a lovely bounce are Matrix Color Care Shampoo, Avon Naturals Cherry Blossom Daily Wash, Avon Advance Color Care Shampoo. I have never coloured my hair but prefer color care shampoos as was advised that these variants are the mildest with least amount of chemicals.
    (4.) Conditioner: Try L’Oreal Spa for deep conditioning. It’s a time consuming 1-2 hour process but worth it. Am ideally a lazy bum so often even use the cream as a usual conditioner and it helps. As per my suggestion, avoid Matrix conditioners as they may make your hair more limp. They are good for really dry hair. Some Body Shop conditioners are also good except for the Rainforest range.
    (5.) Concealer: Try purchasing a pallette instead of one single colour. I know of MUFE and Coastal Scents. Check their pallettes on the net. In Mumbai, MUFE is available at Inorbit Mall. Always try stuff as far as concealers and foundations are concerned. The trick is to try, wait for at least 30 mins, check the shade on your skin and only then decide to purchase.
    (6.) Foundation: Lakme Flawless 9-5 in Pearl. I guess it should take care of your fair and wheatish colour changes. Yet again suggest, first try it out.
    (7.) Eyeshadows: Revlon and Maybelline has good quads. Check the shades. If you don’t mind spending, MAC Paint Pots are amazing.
    (8.) Facewash: Neutrogena Deep Clean
    (9.) Scrub: Homemade Ubtan – A spoon of gram flour, pinch of turmeric powder, some “malai” and rose water to mix it all till consistency is like thick liquid. Alternately, have tried Lotus Herbals Orange Peel & Alpine Salt Whitening Skin Polisher and have loved it. It never broke me out but can’t say the same for others. By rule, never use scrub daily even if the product tube/dabba recommends that and never use very abrasive scrubs on your face.
    (10.) Makeup remover: Maybelline eye and lips makeup remover
    (11.) Sunscreen: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50 OR Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lotion SPF 30 PA ++
    (12.) Compact: MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder. It doesn’t have much coverage but is good for getting rid of the oily look. Check the counter to get your right shade. Alternately, you can get Lakme Rose Powder in Warm Pink


  5. I am no expert but I can tell you the products that have worked great for me. I have oily skin which is not sensitive and medium dark complexion. These are the products in my skincare routine:
    1. Cleansing: FabIndia Lavender Cleanser (For removing makeup), Ponds Daily White FaceWash, FabIndia TeaTree Facewash. These suit my oily skin.
    2. Toning: FabIndia Rose Water. Doesn’t contain alcohol unlike most other toners.
    3. Moisturising: Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture. If you have oily skin prone to sweating, you should definitely give this a try.
    4. Scrub: FabIndia Rose and Geranium Scrub.
    5. Under Eye Gel: Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel. FabIndia Under Eye Gel. Aroma Magin under eye cream.
    6. Sunscreen: I use Neutrogena DryTouch Sunblock SPF 50 and FabIndia Vit E SPF 30 mixed together. These don’t make my skin look greasy even in summers.

    As for hair, I have very dry hair. This is what I use:
    1. Shampoo: I like to switch between shampoos, so I have at least 3-4 shampoos in my cupboard at any given time. 😛 Loreal Total Repair 5 and Sunsilk Black Shine for days when I have loaded my hair with oil and need to get all that grease off. FabIndia Aloe Protein and The Body Shop Rainforest shampoo for days when I feel like being gentle on my dry and moisture-devoid hair. These two contain no parabens, so that’s another plus!
    2. Conditioner: FabIndia Aloe Protein. I have never met a conditioner I have loved as much as this.

    As for makeup, I am not the right person to recommend foundations and concealers as I do not use all that myself. For mascara, definitely try Maybelline. That’s one brand that comes out with great mascaras.

    For eyeliner, even I would suggest you go for gel liner, like Maybelline gel liner or Mac Fluidline. For pencil eyeliner, you could try maybelline colossal kajal. For colored liners maybelline vivid and smooth pencils, Colorbar I-Glide, Faces Longwear eye pencils or Lakme Glide on. These are all in the range of 200-300/-

    Hope this helps! 🙂

    • my pleasure..i love these types of questions..of late I have been trying so many products (mostly becos I get bored pretty soon even though something is working for me) that I am so enthu to respond :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

  6. Hey A … sorry am late but would love to share my bit
    i am in my early 30s , 33 to be precise :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

    good skincare is what all you need :
    go to clinique counter and get your skin test , they have offers running for diwali and you can buy a pack which is very reasonable as compared to bigger size they have.
    so clinique CTM pack will do , buy # 3 which is for combination to oily skin.

    hair care :
    read ana post for that 🙂
    i guess you should invest in loreal professional range
    it is AOOOWESOMEEE :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    For makeup :

    Liners : colobar i-glide , Bourjois Clubbing and Chambor Dazzle range hands down
    mascara : Bourjois mascara are more or less good 😀 very good i mean
    Foundation – Bourjois Healthy mix foundation is awesome
    Concealer – MAC select cover up is good
    try ponds tinted moisturizer for regular use.
    under eye cream : Wunder eye cream
    night cream is necessary : I am using Oriflame one and its awesome

    hope this helps .. pls let me know if i forgot something

    and oodles of ATTITUDE babes :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:
    GOT IT ??

  7. Rashmie thank u soooooooooo much . I am really happy that i wrote here and got so many options about products to choose from …thank u all. As for attitude, i agree” Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. :-))

  8. lovely suggestions :-). Might I also add that since ure in ur late 30s u might want to invest in a good anti aging cream. Since u have sweaty skin ponds age miracle range would suit u. This will also help to even out ur complexion. Most other brands are too hydrating n may make skin more greasy n sweaty. U can start with their night cream n see if u like it. Also, since hands are the first to show signs of aging, do consider using a good hand and nail cream. Oriflame has many variants. TBS blotting sheets can help u tackle sweat issues when u have makeup on. I’m not gona comment on makeup since enough has been said 🙂 . Hope this helps

  9. Hey Anon A,

    I guess you have already got a ton of suggestions.

    Just my two cents – i know what you mean by the humid weather of mumbai – if I use thick creams I also break out in a sweat. I tend to use thicker & more effective moisturisers at night so that I don’t have to wear any during the day.

    Also in the morning I apply my sunscreen a good 30-40 minutes before I step out in the sun, that way it absorbs better & doesn’t sweat out. I hope this helps.

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