Makeup Stencils – All You Need To Know + Pros & Cons!


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We all love that eyeliner on fleek kinda look but there are many times when due to lack of time or precision we mess it up big time. Here comes the role of makeup stencils or eye stencils. These are actually small tools that come handy when we like to apply eyeshadows or some graphic eyeliner. They are made of good quality plastic materials that are safe to be used on your eyes. Precision to the core is the motto of using eye stencils and trust me, each time you will love these babies more.

And a post should be dedicated to these too. So, in this post, we will talk about the pros and cons of using eye stencils and also how we can use them in multiple ways! Dig in.


Makeup Stencils – How to use them + Pros and Cons:

  • How to Use Makeup Stencils?

Makeup stencils can be used in a number of ways – brow stencil, liner stencil, eyeshadow stencil and even the latest, lower liner stencil. There are different types available that help to create eye makeup look in a wink. The tools fit all shapes and sizes and what more, you can achieve different eye makeup look with perfection. So ladies who found it difficult to apply the perfect cat eyeliner, here is your friend in need.

Beth Bender Beauty by the famous makeup artist Beth Bender is the pioneer of eyeliner and eye makeup stencils which fits every eye shapes and create the look that we ever wanted.

  • Pros of using them

Save time – When you are in a hurry, eye stencil is your BFF. It helps to create that perfect eyeliner shape and save time.

Less mess – Well, when you are applying eyeliner or eyeshadow with a stencil, you mess less as you know the perfect shape to apply it.

More symmetry – Are you among those who have this eyeliner tragedy that both your eyeliners don’t match each other? Well, not anymore! Eyeliner stencils help to make the eyeliner equal.

Perfect brow shape – Eye stencils are also used to shape brows and fill them up. Using an eye stencil will help to create that perfect eyebrow you always wanted to have.

On point makeup – Well, other than regular eyeliner and eyeshadow, eye stencils can help to create loads of graphic eyeliner look which is trending now. So people will get jealous seeing your makeup skills.

Creativity reloaded – Well, most of us avoid using eyeshadows as we really don’t know how to make it look that great but not now. With this tool, you can definitely upgrade your creativity level.

Save money – Well, yeah! You can actually. If you have a makeup stencil, you don’t need to go to the salon to get your eyebrows groomed or eye makeup done for any occasion which will save loads of money. You can do it at home at your own comfort.

  • Cons of using them

Use them cautiously – If you are using it for the first time or the n-th time, eye stencils should be used really cautiously otherwise you may just poke into your eyes.

Don’t share – I know sharing is caring but if you share this, you will invite eye infection for both your friend and you. Eye stencils should be only for personal use otherwise you can get a bad infection.

Sanitise well – You will have to clean the tool every time you use so that no makeup is there on it. Regular cleaning can be a bit of a hassle. Also, sanitising after cleansing is a must.

Replace often – You will have to replace this tool more often as you are using them on the most sensitive area of your body – eyes and if old, this can lead to accumulation of germs.

Expensive for some – Though eye stencils are a very normal tool to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow, replacing them more often can make people feel like they are expensive.

That’s all folks! Hope you will use them more now.

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