Makeup Suggestion For Karwa Chauth


Cherry asks,


This is my first karwa chauth and I want to look my best .Please suggest me eye makeup quartz, lipstick , eyeliners which I should use this day.I am not very good with makeup so suggest the easiest possible way to look beautiful please.


best lakme foundation



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  1. Hi Cherry! First Karva Chauth huh? Wow you must be so excited 😀
    I’m no expert [as yet 😉 ] to give you suggestions, but I’m sure if you mention your complexion and the saree colour you will be wearing on the day/night, it’ll help people suggest better. What do you say?

  2. hey cherry,
    am not sure about ur complexion, so am gonna give few chioces . so you can choose among them acording to your comfort n complexion.
    1. for eyes — if its maroon sari with gold border, then u can use bronze eyeshadow or dark maroon or gold or copper colour ccording to your complexion.
    2. For lips —- go for maroon, red if u r fair complexion, make sure they r shimmery(shimmer based makeup luks gud in festive season)
    3. Am not sure if u r comfortbale with blush, as u mentioned tht u r new to makeup, but if u do know how to use a blush then go for bronzer if have fair complexion or if u somewhr around wheat or dusly then go for brown based blush n used bronzer on top of it (on apple of cheeks)
    Make sure the makeup is not so shimmery but keep in limits….u dont wanna scare ur hubby on karwa chauth, do u ???? LOL..just kidding 😉

  3. karva chauth is on 15th, I will also do fast.
    if you are new to makeup I will suggest you Maybelline diamond quad in bronze, it’s easy to use and has beautiful shades, which will give you a perfect look with maroon saree.
    For lips I will go for berry lipstick
    and blush will be colorbat cinnabar blush

  4. dear anamika

    few days back i saw a product by olivia cosmetics, which has foundation, conclealer in a single product.
    but im not sure if olivia is a good brand or not. so dint buy it

    have anyone used tht product.

    • hey Rumi…I wudnt suggest using Olivia..I used to use it in college along with other gals and if u hav even slightly sensi skin then after using it for a couple of months it can cause discoloration…this experience may not be the same for everyone but I’ve seen this happen with 5girls including myself…so do take care..

    • hi rumi, i used to use olivia’s pancake for special occassions when i was in college. let me tell you i was quite impressed as it used ti hide my blemishes. but am not sure about the foundation n concealer.

  5. Prachi, Next year, huh? 😉
    Anyway, with Wise She you’ll be so wise by next year you won’t have to ask, you’ll just post the pics of the look, Hai na 🙂

    Zeeee wots MOKP???

  6. Cherry, I can only suggest a quite basic thing, that you may already have known well…
    About focussing on one feature. Like either emphasis the eyes or the lips. If one is bold, the other is subtle.

    Correct me gals if there is an exception on special occasions 🙂

  7. congrats cherry………… you must wear saree or lehenga in the rasam….. the color must suit ur skin……. try smokey (very in in fashion now) eyes with maybelline colossal kajal, maybelline chai lette or lakme moon drops eyeshadow and mascara……… then lips should be nude……………. try lakme 9 to 5 shade -Lotus / revlon matte lipstick nude attitude,………………… you may use transparent or peach gloss…………………. add brown blush ( you din’t refer ur complexion if you have dark comp then avoid it and use beige or light peach)…………… add shimmer on ur face…

    other wise u try light and soft eye make up and use maroon or deep brown lippi
    whatever is ur get up a sweet smile must have on ur face :-)) ….
    all the best…

  8. thanks anamika, zara, krupa,prachi……

    is there any such prodcut of lakme , revlon or loreal which has both foundation n concealer in one single product.

    i dnt like carrying so many products when i m travelling…..LOL

  9. Since its a traditional festive occasion and u’re wearing a maroon and gold saree, you can do a simple eye makeup of gold/bronze eye shadow all over lid, lots of kajal and mascara and pair with a berry or maroon lipstick topped with a little gloss. Do not forget a little bit of highlighter on the cheekbones for added glow- Colorbar Cinnabar blush wud be perfect for that! All the best Cherry 🙂 Since u’re a newbie, I wouldnt suggest trying very complication for the first time. Keep it simple!


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