Makeup tips – 5 common makeup mistakes

By Anuradha,Common Makeup mistake and make up tips 

I have been playing with makeup since my childhood.I remember applying my mom lipstick tint as a blush on my cheeks and looking horrible but still considering my self the most beautiful of all.lolz..Those were the lady when applying makeup was fun but when we grow up then we realise what a beautiful art makeup is .

I thought why not start my first post on wise she by picking up common make up mistake as the topic.If you are some one who is using makeup since decades then also there might be something where you might be going wrong.

Here are few common makeup mistakes which I made and have learnt through hard way.

Shiny Makeup– We all like shimmer and glitter in our makeup but sometime it is always best to compliment it .If you are going to use sparkling lip gloss then avoid sparkles on other features.Similarly if you are going to use shimmery powder on your cheeks then keep other things natural.

Powdering – A dusting of fine powder enhances the natural make up or complexion .This gives smooth and non sticky look but if you apply too much of powder then it can work against you.You face might end up looking as if you are hiding something.
Match makeup with clothing – Common mistake which generally most of us do is , we are dressed up in fancy clothing then we tend to go heavy with the makeup.Just because you are dressed up that doesn’t mean you have to be dressy with make up too.Infact it is the opposite.The more dressed -up you get the more dressed down you should be in your face and skin.
Trying to emphasizing every feature – While you apply makeup there should be one feature which should be highlighted.If you are trying to bring out your lips then keep your eye makeup simple.With heavy eye shadow apply nothing but a transparent lip gloss or a nude colour lipstick.If you try to highlight both the feature then you will end up looking like  Christina aguilera in this picture.


Too much of Bronzer – Many of us don’t know how to use bronzer and end up looking like a unnatural shade of golden orange.Main purpose of bronzer is too have a sun kissed glow.
Whenever you are wearing makeup check yourself around once in two hours but don’t do this otherwise people will think that you are insane like many of man do think when we girls talk about makeup :D:D


  1. Haha…Christina looks so silly in that pic….yeah every bit of the above written is true…alas…i haad to learn the hard way….sob sob…

  2. heheh..we all r still learning..there is no end to makeup knowledhge na..christina is trying to use every makeup which she has in her vanity case 😀


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