Makeup Tips As Per Hair Color


Makeup Tips As Per Hair Color

Makeup is an art and you need time to perfect it. We choose makeup as per our skin tone to get the most out of it. To make things even better, you should take your hair color in consideration as well. When makeup is done according to your hair color, it brings out your features even more.

Here I have covered Makeup Tips As Per Hair Color for the four most common hair colors-

Girls with Black/Dark Brown Hair

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You can really play with colors. Dark hair does not clash with most other colors and so you can wear colors of your choice but do not go for pastels especially the matte ones. They might look good in magazines but in reality such shades make dark haired girls look washed out. Black and brown smoky eyes look amazing with dark hair. Black liners and mascaras are your best bet.

The basic rule is to pick colors that have the same undertones as your complexion. You can wear both vivid brights and bold deep shades. Purples, navy, deep plum, deep turquoise, burgundy, browns, gold, cobalt blue and olive greens are the best choices for you when it comes to eye makeup.

Lip colors from nudes to pinks to berries will suit you to the T.


If your hair is little lighter then still you have the most part of spectrum working for you. Plum, red, gold, metallics, olive and beige are the shades for you.

brown hair

Rosy blushes with hues of brown will bring out your hair color beautifully. Shades of orange, peach and apricot will not look that great as blush on you.

For lips a pop of orange works really well. Besides this plums and brownish pinks look great. Though rosy blushes look great on brunettes, the same color may not work on your lips as it will contradict the your hair color.


blonde hair elegant style

Cool pastels work best for blonde girls. Peach, pink, gold, and champagne are your go to shades for eyes. Your eye makeup color depends a lot on your eye color. Taupe for brown eyes; rose, lavender and silver for blue eyes; lilac, grey and deep plum for blue eyes. If you love smoky eyes then grey smoky eyes can be your choice as black will look too stark.

Stay miles away from pale colors as they will do nothing for your face. Peach blush will give warmth to your face and is your best friend.

You can play up your lips with bright shades or tone them down with creamy nudes. You are really lucky when it comes to lip makeup so try all colors you like. See our makeup tips for blondes here.


red hair color

Fall colors look great on redhead beauties. Neutrals work best for your eyes as they do not clash with your fiery hair. You can also swipe Purple, copper and green eye shadows. Brown eyeliners with a hint of red look great.

Coral, apricot and rosy blushes will add the right kind of glow to your face.

For lips, subtle corals and pinkish browns look superb. Nude lip colors are the best for you.

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