Makeup Tips For A Chubby Face


Makeup Tips For A Chubby Face

Have you ever seen at your old photographs and longed for the perfect jawline and chiseled cheeks! I am sure most of us have gone through the same feeling while recalling much younger days! Talking of there are so many who have managed to get the same face with more of less variations and still look very much the same! I call them blessed! Well, truly speaking, I consider myself to look okay now only and although my face was slim and I was slimmer, I do feel that I look way better than I used to look say about 5 years ago! 🙂

makeup tips for chubby face

But that doesn’t mean that I have the same hollow cheeks and jawline! No I have put on weight and my face seems to be too chubby as a result of it! But being chubby is not always bad or makes you look unattractive! I hope you find the 24 year old singer, Adele pretty in spite of being tagged as “chubby”!

makeup tips chubby face

So, here comes an obvious post related to same which is about what makeup tips to follow to make the chubby face attractive and perfect!

Even toned Base-

The first thing to keep in mind is to use a medium coverage base which gives an even tone to the entire face! Pick a primer and apply it on the face so that the foundation base gives a smooth and natural look to the face! It also prevents the dry patches on the skin formed due to some foundations and will make the foundation appear evenly spread on the face!

Eye Makeup-

Stick to chocolate/ nude shades of eye shadow along with black kohl/ liner to give a soft smokey look!

Groom the brows-

Groom your brows and fill them to a suitable width. It should not be too sharp or sleek! Broad brows slim down the overall face!

chubby face adele makeup tips


Next step is to conceal the under eye area properly to further reduce the appearance of a shallow spot on the face! Apply a highlighter on the under eye area in triangular shape. Now apply towards your T- zone and on the chin with circle strokes.

Remember to blend the highlighter on the area of application with soft strokes!

chubby face makeup tricks

Contour the face right-

To further make you face look chiseled and in shape a bronzing powder from MAC is to be applied to the hollows of the cheeks, bridge of your nose, above the jawline to give that slim look to the face! Just make a slight fish face and apply bronzing powder and blend it out!

Get the natural blush-

Apply a neutral toned blush and blend it well just where your apples of the cheeks emerge! Always go easy with the blush! Don’t pick too much blush powder in one go! Apply and blend thoroughly!

Matte Lips-

Using a deep shade of red or pink lipstick with a matte finish will even make your face appear slimmer! You can even apply nude matte shades perfectly!

Well, this pretty much sums up the basic tips to do makeup for a chubby face! In fact, contouring and highlighting are two main makeup techniques which are widely used by women to give sharp look to the facial features!

Hope you like these tips!

Have you tried any of these makeup tips for chubby face?

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