Makeup Tips For Black/ Dark Complexion


Makeup Tips For Black/ Dark Complexion

India is a country which is obsessed with fairness, where people think that looking better means you have to look fairer and where the desire for white skin is deeply rooted in its very culture, and presents itself in Bollywood, advertisements, the Internet, family advice and preferences, etc. Not only India, people throughout the world runs after fairness and being fair.


In this fairness frenzy world, while some may have fallen prey of the fairness-fever by going under brushes to under knives, there are others who are proud of their own skin. Yes, dusky beauties are getting prominence everywhere, whether on the ramp, in the pages of famous magazines, movies or million dollar beauty shoots.


Black is beautiful. So here we are showcasing the beauty of Women of Color, the sexiest and sassiest of all. Listing top makeup tips for black/dark skinned beauties.

Choose the right undertone-

I know a few dark skinned beauties who thought that as they are dark skinned, undertones really don’t matter? I mean, seriously? Undertones should matter, to every human being. So, identify your undertone first and choose your shades accordingly.

Match you foundation-

The foundation you are using should be under no circumstances of a lighter color than the color of your skin. Make sure the foundation matches your skin color to the tee.

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Blend thoroughly

Blending base makeup to your skin is very important if you are dark skinned. Because unblended makeup is more prominent on dark skinned ladies than on light skinned. So I would recommend you to mix two drops of water with your foundation. That way it will look natural and will also last longer.

Smoky Eye Rocks!

Dusky skin is one of the best tones to work a smoky eye on. Shades of grey, black and brown to create a dramatic smoky look would look remarkable. If you are bored with black smoky eyes, go for blue smoky eyes. You can apply a matte blue on your lid and blend with a dark eye shadow color into your crease to create a smoky eye look.

Other eye shadows that look great are: dark browns, green, deep purple, copper, prunes, forest green and burgundy.


Groom your eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows are well in shape. Groom and fill in your eyebrows. Pay attention you don’t end up making them look too artificial. Choose colors that come close to your natural brow color.

Choose appealing lipsticks

Well, I think dark skin is the perfect canvass for wearing pale and bright lipstick shades. But if you are a woman of color and think bright lip colors will make you look too waggish, then stay away from them and try to highlight your lips with brick reds, wine, plum, peachy brown shades of lipsticks. My favorite lip color for dark skinned beauty is to combine blood red, burgundy and a little brown. It comes out really well.

blue smoky eyes dark skinned

Choose Warm Blush shades

You have to choose your blush shades really well. Choose colors that add warmth to the complexion. During the day, peachy coral, deep orange and burnt pink blush colors on the cheeks will work well. Crimson, burnt red, plum look the best on dark complexions during night creating a subtle flush on the cheeks. If the shade of the powder blush is not showing up on your dark skin tone, then use a creme blush underneath to increase the intensity.

Paint your nails

For nails you use colors like black, bronze, red, forest green, etc. as you can see these are bold and dark and will suit you the best. Basically for nails you can choose any color amongst the eye shadow colors and lip colors I suggested.

Hope you like these makeup tips!

Have you any best kept makeup tips for Dark/ Black Complexion?

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