Makeup Tips For Broad Face


Makeup Tips For Broad Face

People with broad face often think of trying and making their face look a little slimmer but unfortunately without proper guidance and knowledge one fails to look that good and the entire effort goes in vain. With Wiseshe, you have been able to reap so many suggestions to make your life simpler, then why not a tip on makeup that could make you happy. After all this is why we have you with us!

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Let me bring to you the steps which would help you make your face look slimmer with the help of makeup tricks. Hope you like them.


Begin with the eyes. As they say, eyes are the major focus area. If someone looks at you, he looks at your eyes first. To make your face look slimmer, it is essential therefore that the attention is drifted and distributed evenly across various parts of the face. For the eyes, we need to highlight them more to make it look bigger and subtle.

Begin with an eye liner and draw a visible thick line instead of a thin one. This will make your eyes look bigger and take some attention away from your face’s chubby part.

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Now apply an eye shadow, preferably a dark colored one that definitely has to suit your complexion. Apply the darkest coat on the outer corner of your eye from where one would judge the length of your eye.

Also ensure your lashes look bigger, for this do a mascara coat with only the brush and no mascara. This will open your eyes up. Now do a mascara coat as usual on both the lashes.


Always keep your brows shaped to have the attention distributed evenly. It is very important to have the brows shaped up at all times to avoid having any embarrassment.


This is the most important part. You need to apply the strokes in a manner that the fat part of the face gets hidden. Peach and Pink blusher tones go with Indian skin tones well. Try to avoid the thickness of the face by applying the blusher directly under your cheek bones and towards your temples. Blend it well to avoid looking patchy.


You now need to give some way to your lips. Lips can be accentuated to gather some attention as well. If you have thin lips, make them thicker using liner as thin lips can make your face look fluffy and broad.


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Use a darker shade foundation since your aim is to show your face as oval than its usual broad shape. Begin with moisturizing your face and then apply an even layer of foundation on your face and neck. Now use a thick layer on the hollow of your cheeks to make them look even and thinner.

Using your mirror blend the foundation and find yourself with a slimmer face! Isn’t it easy? I am sure you by now would believe that makeup is a sure shot solution to most problems we feel are some kind of punishments rendered to us by God.

There is more to worry about in life and your face has its unique features which no one else has and we should live with that. I hope the post helped you adjudge that you can look slimmer and even better with simple trick of applying the makeup.

What are your cult favorite tips for a broad face makeup?

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