Makeup Tips For Dark Brown Eyes


Makeup Tips For Dark Brown Eyes

There is no one kind of brown eye color. There are many shades of brown eyes from light browns to the brown that are borderline black. Dark brown eyes are nearly black and can carry many shades in makeup. The darkness of eyes can be enhanced with deep colors and you can also wear bright shades on dark brown eyes.

Besides working on your eyes, you can enhance dark brown eyes with fresh shades of blush. Fresh, glowing cheeks make dark brown eyes stand out. Try these Makeup Tips For Dark Brown Eyes-

The Basics

Brown Smokey eyes makeup indian

Go with browns and taupe colors when you do not want all attention towards your eyes. All the browns look good on dark brown eyes. Black is also a very good color for dark brown eyes. It looks beautiful but not stark as dark brown eyes are almost black.

Peach and Pink


Peach is a really suitable color for dark brown eyes. It gives a bright and fresh look for dark brown eyes.

Many people say that pink is not the best color for brown eyes but it actually looks good. Darker pinks are really flattering on brown eyes.

Gold and Bronze

Traditional black gold eyemakeup

Trust bronze to elevate your look any time. You can just sweep bronze all across your lids for a quick glamorous look. Apart from that you can also use bronze in combination with other shades.

Shades of gold enhance dark brown eyes like anything. You can use them as just highlighting colors or as lid colors.


teal-and-gold-eye-makeup (1)

The best shades of blue on dark brown eyes are cobalt blue and navy blue. Cobalt blue is a bright popping color for brown eyes and is perfect for evening.

Navy blue does not look very popping on dark brown eyes and can be worn anytime.


Coastal scent eye makeup lavender & Gold

Like every eye color, purple flatters dark brown eyes very well. Egg plant and violet are amazing shades of purple for dark brown eyes.

Plums that are on the deeper sides flatter dark brown eyes.

Eyeliners and Mascara


Black, blue and purple eyeliners are perfect for dark brown eyes. White eyeliners are good for some drama and champagne liners are for waterline.

For mascaras black is the best. If you want to experiment then go with purple.

Metal and Shimmer

think pink eye makeup+metallic eye makeup silver

Metallic colors make dark brown eyes look fabulous. It makes brown eyes shine and sparkle.

Shimmer can be added on dark brown eyes anytime. Shimmery eye shadows look much better than the matte ones on brown eyes.

Avoid These

Red, yellow and green are not for dark brown eyes. Though you can do some mix and match if you want but do not paint your lids in these shades alone as they do not flatter dark brown eyes much.

Share your makeup tips for dark brown eyes?

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