Makeup Tips For Mature Skin


Madhuri asks,

How  women in their 50’s can conceal their age spots and wrinkles.Is there any specific products which needs to follow or there are some tips and tricks?


Makeup for mature skin tips and tricks


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  1. This is an indeed very interesting question. I shall try my best to answer it. The main problem of mature skin is pigmentation , sun spots and wrinkles. Prior to any make up it is essential to apply a hydrating moisturiser, followed by a primer for smoothening. The areas of pigmentation can be covered by a good thick concealor and set by a translucent powder. For foundation its best to go with cream or liquid foundations to avoid looking ashy or cakey. The same goes with blush- liquid or cream. avoid black eye liners and go for a brightening eye liner. Another would be to avoid browns and maroons as it ages the face, a good alternative would be to use pink and corals for a youthful appearance.

    Hope this helps!

    Sorry for the long post!! 😉

  2. Hi,
    Here are few suggestions
    – Follow the CTM routine religiously.
    – Use good quality anti aging products; I would suggest Artistry. This should solve half your problems 🙂
    – Use a very light foundation – I mean light in texture. You can also try using just a BB cream and then cover the age spots with a good concealer. The more your skin texture is seen the more natural and younger the face looks.
    – Use a fine, thin brush, like the eye liner one, and fill the fine lines around eyes with little strokes in the same direction as the lines.
    – Avoid shimmer in lip colour
    – Avoid total matt or too much shimmer on the eyes
    Rest I think just enjoy make up 🙂 Age no bar :))


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