Makeup Tips Of South Indian Brides


Makeup tips of South Indian Brides

No day is bigger than the Wedding day in a girl’s life. When you are the heroine and everybody is present on your day just to see you, see how beautiful you look as a bride. When your parents see you as a bride and couldn’t stop the tears to flow by. It is an undying fact how pretty South Indian brides look. From their Sarees to Jewelry to makeup everything add an extra sparkle.

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So let’s discuss some makeup tips for perfect South Indian Bride look for making it memorable. With those beautiful gold ornaments and Silk saree, makeup too needs to be perfect.

Cleaning the face

The first step is to properly clean your face with a good face wash. Pat the face dry and apply a good moisturizer. Moisturizing is must as the makeup on dry skin comes out to be very cakey and improper.


Primer is used to keep the makeup intact for hours. Use a good quality primer so that makeup stays intact till the end of the ceremony. Primer also helps to open the pores of the skin and even outs the texture.


To make the skin tone look even and set, concealer is important to apply. It also helps in hiding all the pimples and dark spots on the face. A good amount of Concealer must be applied properly all over the face and neck. The best one are the cream based which easily spreads on the skin and remain intact instead of powder one. Always pat Concealer slowly and softly on the skin instead of rubbing it on the skin at rubbing never covers the problem area


Foundation shade should be very importantly taken care of. Most of the ladies chose the wrong shade by picking up very light one. One should choose the shade keeping their complexion in mind. Choosing the lightest shade gives you inappropriate whiteness.

Always apply foundation with wet sponge or foundation brush. I would recommend soft wet sponge. Pat it softly and evenly on your face and neck.

Eye Makeup


Starting with the eye shadow. Apply glittery light brown eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes. And go for glittery Chocolate brown shade for the outer corner.

Since, the South Indians go for silk colors which have their own shine and gold ornaments thus opting for brown sparkly shades will get you an oomph factor.

Eye liner

Go for dramatic eye liner. Choosing Black Matt liner is the safest option as the eye shadow is Brown. For beautifully applying the eyeliner, first put small dot till the outer corner in the shape of wing. Now join all the dots with the brush and  make that desired winged liner.



Finishing the eye makeup by applying a thick coat of mascara on your eye lashes.
You can also try fake lashes to make your eyes look big.


pink blush

Use pink blush for your wedding day. Take that shimmery one and apply it properly.
For proper blushing, smile and then apply blusher on your cheek bones.
Opting for shimmery blusher, will give you a lot of glow on face.


Apply a thick coat of lip balm an hour before you start getting ready. It will remove all the dryness and give your lips fuller look. Remove the lip balm with cotton ball, it will remove all chappness from your lips. Or before getting ready, take your toothbrush and rub it softly on your lips, it will also remove the dry skin. Doing this practice daily will give you more natural and pink lips. Don’t forget to apply lip balm for moisturizing it.

Now, take the lip liner of the same shade of your lipstick and apply it properly on the outlines.
Fill your lips with lipstick. Choose glossy lip shade instead of Matt.

You can go for Maroon or Wine for the exact South Bride look.

Good and proper sleep

sleeping beauty

The most important point is taking proper 7-8 hours of sleep daily. It will not only rejuvenate your skin but will also make your overall health better.

You skin will look healthier and ravishing.

Check out the video below!


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