Makeup Tips To Nail Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Look


Makeup Tips To Nail Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Looks

The ever stunning actress in Breakfast At Tiffany’s gave an altogether definition of a natural beauty and also the beautiful features in their true form! The virgin bushy eyebrow and the chiseled bone structure is what women long these days after so many decades!

audrey hepburn makeup

The sheer innocence on her face stole so many hearts and she became a classic beauty with her killing looks which were beautiful, sensuous and cute at the same time!

I think somewhere as we are learning more about makeup its true essence is somewhere lacking today! It is wonderful to see how the makeup artists during those time worked on her gifted features and presented them in the most natural way to make a lasting impression!

Makeup to me should be such that, the true beauty doesn’t get subsided!

audrey hepburn fringe

Well, here I am going to share some of the best makeup tricks which clearly reflect in Audrey Hepburn’s innocent and flawless looks!

So, if you are running out of ideas on how to come up with an entire different look this Christmas or New Year season then do checkout the tips below to get a close cut of her classic look!

Her flawless base-

If you ever saw her movie, there is a unique freshness on her face and it doesn’t look made up at all so for that make sure to first apply a decent primer as base so as to prepare a smooth and flawless base for the makeup and also for the perfect dewy look!

Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer

Her Barely there Foundation-

A close look at her makeup reveals how light foundation was used for her look to keep it the most natural and not at all cakey or heavy to give the impression of a doll like face with facial expressions hardly visible! Choose a foundation with decent medium coverage!

Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation

Concealing the imperfections-

The flawless look is surely the artists excellent makeup trick and for achieving the same flawless face use a concealer after applying the light base and blend everything so well that it hardly appears in the final look!

audrey hepburn stunning look

Translucent Loose Powder-

Use a translucent loose powder for that perfect dewy finishing look which will set the foundation right and will make it appear most natural on the face!

Estee Lauder Translucent Pressed Powder

Her Outrageous Eye Brows-

There is no doubt that the charm of her face largely lies in her bold bushy eye brows which had to be shaped with some basic makeup tricks make them appealing! Well, it was her eyebrows which made her a classic example of the beauty she was! The arch on the brows was not very sharp and almost looked untouched so a brow gel matching to the brows along with a brow powder would help you in giving the desired bushy eye brow look!

MUA Pro-Brow Kit

audrey hep burn look

Thicker Eyelash look-

Her naturally thick eyelashes aloe didn’t do all the magic but yes a false lash will solve your concern if you are not blessed with dense lashes! Pick wisely and opt for the most natural looking eye lashes!

Magical talking eyes-

Her eyes were too appealing and to get a similar eye look you need to apply a brown eyeliner over the top eye lid from the inner to the outer corner on the top lid! Gently line the mid lower lid and leave the inner corners of the eyes! Fill the inner corner of the eyes with a white liner to make them a little larger. Never join the upper line with the lower line in the inner corners at all!


If you haven’t applied false lashes, apply 2-3 coats of mascara for the desired look!

Natural Eye shadow-

Her eye shadow was minimal and mostly natural. Apply a taupe eye shadow on the crease and blend outwards!

Coastal Scents Taupe

Pink Blush-

Opt for a blush tint as it comes out more naturally on the skin and apply the blush right on the apples of the face just as Audrey Hepburn would wear it!

Benefit Posietint Lip & Cheek Stain

Lipstick Magic-

Her lip line is over filled with a natural looking nude-pink lipstick most of the time. Also with the classic red lip color to give a fuller and plumper look to the lips!

Hope you like these makeup tips inspired by this stunning classic beauty!

Have you tried any of these makeup tricks?

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