Makeup Tips When Wearing A Black Dress


Makeup Tips When Wearing A Black Dress

Hie my lovelies,

How have you all been? Last night I had to go for my friend’s bachelor party, and one of my friends got struck in deciding how to dress up her LBD I mean, come on, I had always seen the LBD to be the easiest to dress-up. But on seeing her confusion; I just realized that maybe, after all LB D is not as easy to put-together as it may seem like.

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Enough of black liner and pink lips you need a something extra to finish your killer looks. So here I have tried to put down a few makeup tips to adorn when wearing your favorite black dress.

Grey smokey eye

Gorgeous duochrome, mermaid colour when swatched and in the pan+SILVER BLUE EYE MAKEUP

The best makeup look to complement your black dress is a smokey eye give a break to your regular black makeup go for a shimmery or matte (depending on your preference) slate grey shadow to create a sexy smokey eye. Pair it with a subtle lip color and rock the party.

Bold red lip

Some people just cannot accept the idea of going for a bold eye makeup look but that should not stop you from going a bit dramatic with your makeup. Your best bet is to rock a bright true-red lip color for your night out in the town. There are so many tutorials on finding the perfect red for your skin tone.

A muted yet bright coral lip

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Mute yet bright! Sounds a little oxymoronic but trust me, if you are not the ones who would go for a red or berry tinted bold lip; you always have the option of going in for a bright coral lip. And corals are perfect for summers too, aren’t they? Just make sure to choose something which you are comfortable in wearing nothing to subtle, nothing too flashy.

False lashes

how to wear false eyelashes

The best time to go for a dramatic eye look is when you are killing the mainstream in your cult black dress. And nothing screams more dramatic than fluttery, loaded lashes. And just a couple of coats of mascara on your curled lashes are not enough. Go on with an extra step and attach some fake lashes and make those peepers flutter like never before.

Green smokey eye


Greens are always associated with royal and sultry looks. A forest green thick kohl liner pencil, smoked out perfectly, and redefined with the thinnest line of jade-green or any shade of jeweled green eye liner equates to the most perfect green smokey eye. Add a little green eye shadow on your lower lash line with a small shadow brush and the look is done.

Purple winged eye makeup

Purple smokey eyes eye makeup

Winged eye makeup is a classic when it comes to wearing your LBD, but why not give your winged look a modern touch by incorporating colors instead of the classic blacks? Try creating a smoking hot winged purple eye look, using the darker purple shadows and some matte purple eyeliner. Go a step further and add a couple coats of egg-plant tinted mascara. *woot* *woot*

Cut crease brown eye makeup

brown smokey eyes

Cut crease makeup is trending so much these days and the best bet for a cut-crease look is by starting with an eye palette leaning towards browns and nude mattes. It may take some practice to perfect the cut-crease but the practice is so much worth the end results.

Subtly highlighted cheeks

Rose peachy blush Deborah reviews+Indian beauty blog

Be it a night out or a day out, subtly highlighted cheeks with a douse of rosy-peach blush looks to-die for. Add some cream champagne-gold highlighter on the highest part of your cheek bone. You can even add a hot pink sheer blush if going for a night out and substitute the blush with a matte bronzer f dressing up for a day out.

Makeup has no set of rules; the aforementioned tips are just ideas for you to experiment with an d play upon. Try new looks and create a final look which suits you the best.

Which of these tips do you like the most?

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