Makeup Tips When Wearing Blue Dress


Makeup Tips When Wearing Blue Dress

Hello darlings,

All of us keep hearing people cribbing about Monday blues, morning blues, Tuesday blues, evening blues really any day blues. Sigh! But what most people fail to realize is that blue is such a peppy color.

You don’t believe me? Ok, so when was the last time you wore blue eyeliner and did not get that I-own-this-freaking-worldย kind of feeling? Yes, blue does that to you it makes you feel good. So why not try some cool makeup tricks to further enhance this love-provoking color?

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Blues come in various shades, and here I have classified blues into warms and cools and enlisted the tips accordingly. Go check them out.

General makeup tips for blue outfits:

Upon entering the world of makeup, all of us, at some point, came to terms with the color wheel which makeup artists swear by. And let us say that it actually helps you to put together makeup in a more appropriate way.

  • When wearing a head-to-toe blue outfit, please I repeat, please do not go with a full-on blue eye makeup. Not only will it look tacky; it will make you look made up in a very obvious kind of manner and will over power your entire look that too in a bad way.
  • If your outfit is not of a mono hue kind, that is if you have more than just blue to your outfit; or if your outfit is blue only at the bottom by all means feel free to rock a full-blown blue eye look jaded with eyeliner, blue shadows and whatever you like.
  • Warm colors when paired with cool colors or vice-versa, bring out the vibrancy of the colors all the more.
  • If you want a safer muted kind of look opt for warm with warm or cool with cool color schemes.

Warm Blues:

Shades of blues leaning more towards greens say turquoise, teals or sea-blues are some of the more commonly used warm colors when it comes to dressing up.

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  • Pair up teal or sea-green eye shadows with bronze or brownish-copper eye liners to accentuate the warmth of your outfit.
  • Apply a wash of a shimmery brown or antique gold shadow when going for a festive look and apply kohl on your waterline in heavy swipes.
  • Until and unless you are ready to go really REALLY bold, avoid bright neons and bold oranges on your eyes. But if you want to, who is there to stop? Go experiment!


  • Want to go safe? Opt for a peachy-brown or brownish-pink lip color to adorn the warmth of the entire look.
  • Want more vibrancy to the overall look? Smear your pucker with a bold orangish-coral or a neonish-peach. The coolness of the aforementioned colors would complement the warmth of the eyes perfectly giving you a head-turner look immediately.


  • I personally prefer matching my lips to my cheeks, and if you go by what I have to offer apply a warm brownish-pink or brownish-peach cream blush on the apples and blend it towards the temples.
  • Secondly, what I would suggest is, using a matte brown bronzer, sculpt the hollows of your cheek bones and add some warmth to your face. It will look decadent.

Cool Colors

Hues of blue leaning towards the darker shades of purples and violets such as, rich navy, indigo or cobalts, generally classify as cool toned blues.

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  • Silver goes fantastically with cool colors and navy is the color which can rock silver in the most astounding way. If you are not so daring as to apply a wash of silver overall on the lids; opt for gun-metal grey or shimmery silver eyeliner and go flick it out.
  • For a more Barbie-doll kind of look, opt for a combination of navy blue and pink eye shadows blended to utmost perfection; paired with a jeweled navy eye liner.


  • The best bet for a navy outfit is a bold, bright hot-pink or a pinkish-fuchsia painted lip. A matte pink would look more chic, while bold pink topped with some gold tinted gloss would give a more sensual look.
  • For a subtler, more feminine approach to your makeup look, opt for a dusty-rose or a brownish based nude lip color to keep the look ultra glamorous.


  • Shimmery bronzers or bronze-copper toned blushes would rock the over-all cool blue look like none other.
  • For a peppier look, try pairing a bright coral lip with a subtle, yet popping coral on the cheeks.

So that is all that I have in stock for you guys. Let me k now if you pair up any of these looks together. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have more makeup tips to share ?

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    • I agree dear! As it is makeup is an art, your face the canvas, and you yourself are the artist! An artist should always make his own personalised art!
      Experiment all you want, and keep experimenting till you are pleased with the final look! ๐Ÿ™‚


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