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Hello, beauty fanatics!

Well, I know it is approximately mid-April when I am writing this and I am really sorry for the delay but as we say, better late than never! Makeup trends keep on changing with years and as we say goodbye to matte lipsticks and rainbow highlighters which were the top notch makeup trends for 2016, here comes a list of 2017 makeup trends that will sweep you off your feet. 2017 is all about comfort and taking makeup to the new level. Here’s how!

2017 Makeup Trends!

2016 was all about matte and powder matte lips but in 2017 the glossy lipstick and lip gloss is making their presence felt. Liquid matte lipsticks used to be hell drying for lips and gloss comes as a breeze of respite to make lips look beautiful, supple and glossy!

Forget piling up the glow with strobing and loads of highlighters. This year it is all about the natural glow and leaving your skin to breathe. Natural glow is surely the best when it comes to beauty and one can achieve this by a great skincare routine.

  • Dimensional lips

Lips that shout are the new trend of makeup! 2017 lip trend is all bold and glittery. Either ombre or glitter, lips are not bare in any case. Dimensional lips are so in trend this year and we are not complaining definitely!

If you love your brows and hate plucking it, be happy this year as grungy and boyish brows are totally making their presence felt. Eyebrows are surely the most prominent feature of our face and if you have a bold and thick eyebrow, you can’t ask for anything else.

  • Unfinished black liner

Classic black eyeliner can never go out of fashion but this time, this classic baby is here with a twist. 2017 Black liner is interrupted and unfinished. Either only on the sides or in the centre, this eyeliner look is complete without the complete liner.:-P

Monochromatic makeup used to reign long back and now it is coming back to rule again! Same colour lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and even liner – this is the essence of monochrome look and look how beautiful looks can be created by one single colour. If you love using your products to the fullest, try these!

Pink is not only a symbol of feminity right now but also a colour of makeup addicts. This colour can be worn at any part of the face – eyes, lips, cheeks and even as an eyeliner (Check the post on New Eyeliner Colour for parties done by me!:-D )Pink is said to be the next neutral in makeup world as any skin colour and outfit can pull off the colour beautifully. A true symbol of feminine makeup!

  • Metal is in

Metallic makeup is in just like glossy eyelid trended last year! Metallic eyeshadows give a pop of colour with extra glimmer and glitz. Though the metallic look is not everyone’s cup of tea but who loves to have coffee, you can surely go for it!

  • Shine liner

If you are a pro in eyeliner application, this is your time to trend. Eyeliner is in vogue right now but try to opt for a liner that has a gleam to it. I am not talking about shimmer or glitter but a very vinyl-like gleam. You can try Nykaa Vinyl Luxe Liquid Liner if you are in India.

If you thought a blue mascara is the end of colourful mascara trend in makeup, think again! This burgundy mascara had red tones to it which look super cool and eye catching. And if you want to look natural in this too, opt for a darker shade that will reflect when it catches light only.

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You can check out the following videos here:


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