Makeup Trends For Autumn/Fall 2015


Makeup Trends For Autumn/Fall 2015

Keeping up with the trending runway makeup may seem uneasy and unrealistic but when the runway makeup is very much doable, there is nothing that can keep you out of trend. The 2015 Fall/Autumn makeup trends have a similar story.

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They are not just trendy but are also very easy to be carried in daily day to day life. Bold red lips, cat eye liner and shimmery shadows are something that we all love doing and the trends this year for the fall season are no different. Have a look at the 2015 Fall/Autumn Makeup Trends.

Red Lips

Red Lips

The ever popular red hot lips need not be trend bound and we can wear red lips whenever we may desire. Red lips always feels exciting and this year the trend setters get it right & have taken Red Hot lips as the hottest trend for this fall season. Wear any shade of red and rock the trend.

Berry Lips

Like always berry lips are also a part of the fall makeup trend. Get the best of berry shades out from your stash and flaunt those bold lips this autumn.

Flushed Cheeks

Fall Blush Trend

Flushed cheeks replaces contouring this fall. Put aside your taupe sculpting powders and stock up on warm peach and rose blushes that make you look like you just went on a brisk, wintry walk.

Nude makeup

The 90’s nude makeup trend is back this fall/autumn. If bold look is not your game, you can simply carry a nude makeup look and rock the nude trend.

Black Liner

Black Eye Liner

Think black liner is no longer a boring story. This Fall/Autumn rock the boldest black eye liner and be versatile with your looks. From the simple thick eye liner to cat eye liner to bold versatile eye liner looks, you can try any black eye liner look and be a part of the trending league.

Thick Brows

The bushy, thick brows are in the trend. Do not over do the brows and flaunt the thickest of brows.

Metallic/Shimmery eye shadow

Sparkle Eye Shadows

Metallic and sparkle eye shadows are in. Ditch the matte eye shadows and bring on some bling this fall.

Vampy Lips

Not just red and berry lips, even the gothic lips are in trends. If you have ever wanted to try the Black lipstick, do try it this season.

Bronze It

Bronze Eye Shadow

Bronze eye shadow rather than classic gold and silver is the thing to do this season. A bronze eye shadow paired with black eye shadows is the way to get the trend right. Blend till you cannot blend anymore. The result will be soft yet intense eye shadow, which the fall makeup trends demand.

Lashes That Lash Out

It is time to let your lashes do flutter and talk. Multiple coats of mascara and falsies are hit this autumn. Get your lashes curled and flaunt the thick, long lashes poured with blackest mascara.

These were the makeup trends for the 2015 Fall/Autumn. The flushed cheeks and the bold red lips are my favorite trends for this Fall season, however the gothic lips is something that I would never give a try.

Which among these are your favorite trends?

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