Makeup Trends In ‘60s



Makeup Trends In ‘60s

The Era of 1960s was a time of change, a smooth transition; the wholesome mind-set of the 1950s was fading into the rebellious attitude of the 1970s. Women began to show off their sexier sides with minimalist makeup.

While being distinctive, makeup in the 1960s was simple, from the styled high-fashion look seen on icons such as Twiggy, to the bare face that became popular by the end of the decade or the popular Shrimpton hairstyles. Even with a pale face and heavy eyes, the simplicity and polish of high-fashion makeup in the ’60s kept it from looking gothic and instead gave it a hard modern edge. The decade of 1960s was considered the most fashionable decade.

It was all about drama in the 1960s where only eyes did the drama and lips were not given much of role to play in the drama makeup. The fashionable decade of the 1960s gave us Twiggy in a miniskirt, the first lady’s pillbox hat, Mia Farrow’s super short hair, mods and hippies.

The decade of 60s witnessed some very dramatic eye looks to very distinct hair styles. But before I take you all to this dramatic decades makeup tales, let me first introduce you all with the popular makeup brands of that time.

The 1960s had Max Factor, Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, Mary Quant and Coty.e


Makeup Trends In _60s -MAYBELLINE

Max Factor was the forefront of innovation in makeups for 1960s and several more decades.


Makeup Trends In _60s -MAX FACTOR


Mary Quant was launched in the late ‘60s. Mary Quant’s makeup was specifically designed for the young girls and taking them away from the brands used by ladies elder to them. Packaging of these products was in black and silver, and always featured the Quant daisy logo, products were affordable and contained little “how to” instruction leaflets.

Yardley, the other famous brand of the ‘60s, whose phrase was “The London Look” ,had trendy British model Jean Shrimpton as its poster girl featuring in magazine adverts and commercials during the mid-’60s. Jean Shrimpton is considered to be world’s first Supermodel.

Now, after we know the brands of the dramatic decade, lets head towards their makeup techniques.

The main feature that was highlighted throughout the decade of 1960s were the EYES. The whole idea behind the makeup of this decade was to focus on eyes and let only eyes grab the whole attention.

Eyeliner was the most important makeup tool. Continuing on from the ’50s, the upper eye line was in vogue, flicked out and up at the ends. Liner was doubled up at the end of the lid, White eyeliner drawn down over upper lid to inner corner of eye. Dark eyeliner was applied all the way around the eye, and eye shadow was applied to the entire eye lid. Big, dramatic eyes were the ultimate fashion day or night.

If false lashes were worn, eye liner was used to cover over the edge of the lash strip. Painting lower lashes with eye liner became a trend ‘60s when Twiggy began to use this technique very often.


Makeup Trends In _60s -Twiggy


Eye liner came in pencil, cake and liquid formats in a variety of colors.

If someone did not have an actual eye liner even block mascara made a good substitute.

Eye Shadow had their prominence too in the ‘60s. During the 1950’s women tended to play it more on the natural side by wearing a neutral shadow paired with the classic winged liner, but this has totally changed in the ‘60s. The new thing to do was to darken the crease of the eyelid with shadow to create more rounded looking eyes and keep the lid bare or apply a soft neutral.

The popular shades were blue, grey and white. Powder eye shadows were often sheer, iridescent or metallic formulas. White stick highlighter crayons were used around the eyes and under the lash line.

Mascara was vital for the dramatic look. Numerous heavy coats of Mascara were applied on both upper & lower lash lines and even fake eyelashes were added.

Each application of Mascara was so thick and dense that the lashes clumped together looking alike false eyelashes, which was also in trend. Mascara in wand form was not common in ‘60s and mascara mainly came in block forms.

Women in ‘60s had metal eye lash curlers, which were used when trying to achieve a wide eyed look like the ’60s iconic fashion model Twiggy. The curlers were very tricky in 1960s and a little mishandling definitely harmed the eyelashes.

Eye brows were groomed, shaped and defined with a brow pencil. The thickness of the brow and amount of pencil used varied from a tweezed lighter touch to a heavier penciled look.

Face makeup in the ’60s was minimal and meant to look sheer and invisible. A pale foundation was applied all over the face. Liquid foundation products were thin, light and translucent, these were a good choice for a natural look. In the ‘60s Freckles were embraced, not covered up.

Face powders too were very important in the ’60s, because the matte face was ideal not shiny skin. Pressed and loose powders helped to give the skin a porcelain finish, but they were never heavy or cakey. Dabbing lots of powder was a trend then.

Blushes in colors like matte corals, matte pinks and matte peach were the fashionable colors, and the look geared towards natural and soft. A very neutral blush was applied. None of the focus was to be taken away from the eyes so just a very soft pink or peach was added to the apples of the cheeks.

Blushes came in a variety of forms including cream in a tube or pot, liquid washes, solid cakes and a cream that was applied with a damp sponge. Blushes were matte and free from shimmer and glitter.

Lip Makeup was very unusual in the ‘60s, so much so that they were at times covered with concealers and foundations to achieve a neutral look. In the 60’s lips were almost made non-existent.

Women with particularly pink lips would cover them with concealer to flaunt the neutral look. Pale pink lipsticks were popular, and even some metallic shades were introduced Jean Shrimpton flaunted the neutral lips very well. Peach and Nudes were popular colors, and creamy lipsticks were worn much more than gloss.

To keep the lips understated, lips were naturally defined and not lined with a lip pencil.

Hair The fashion statements of 1960s extended into hair styles, with Twiggy and Vidal Sassoon having a huge influence on short hair styles. The most popular hairstyle of the decade was the bob. Cut short and blunt and stick straight were too a trend in haircuts in ‘60s. Thick bangs were also a crucial part of this haircut.

Apart from the short hair cuts Shrimpton middle length hair too were hot in the 1960s. Women spent hours to get that Shrimpton hairstyle and the beehives hairstyle.


Makeup Trends In _60s -Shrimpton hairstyle


So my dear gorgeous ladies this is it from the makeup trends of 1960s.

Infact while I was writing this article I really felt like, How dare we say that people in earlier times were not much into makeup!

They are indeed the real inspiration behind our makeups of today.

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