7 Must Have Make Up For Teenagers


Hi girls,

When I was a teenager, I never remember applying much make up. But I was always keen on using mums foundation and her lip glosses. Result was sometimes disastrous, as her skin tone was different and so were her needs, so I ended up looking dull and hideous and sometimes powdery so my mom gifted me some stuff in second year of college when I was 18! But now girls as young as 13 are so well aware and read blogs regularly. So I decided to decode some quick make up items with some must haves in their vanity.

Lips:Lip glosses:

When I was in college, I had tons of lip glosses and lip balms, I admit now I opt for lipsticks. But nothing beats those glossy lips. Thus every teen must have a lip gloss. They are simple to use and can be reapplied anytime without must precision. If you are at school, I suggest you use simple tinted lip balms, which look natural and yet fun.

Options for Lip glosses and lip balms in your vanity:

Options: Maybelline sensational lip glosses, Maybelline water shine lip gloss (my all time favorite), Maybelline baby lips (my current muse), Colorbar star shine lip gloss.  All these lip glosses range between Rs. 200 to 350 currently πŸ˜›

lip glosses teen makeup

Face:Lacto calamine:

Teenagers are blessed with good skin, unless you are experiencing a bout of acne, I suggest donÒ€ℒt use heavy foundations and donÒ€ℒt share powder puffs. Go visit a dermatologist and get your skin sorted. I remember having very bad acne on my forehead, while I was in college. I tried putting make up to make the matters worse!

Thus, safest best is to use lacto calamine for medium coverage and sun protection. Lacto calamine still finds place in my vanity for those bad days πŸ™‚ it prevents acne since it contains zinc πŸ™‚ purchase lacto calamine based on your skin type. It is very reasonable and comes in all sizes.

lacto calamine

Teenage BB creams:

We never had BB creams when we were teenage, but now the Indian make up market has increased its base. Konad offers BB creams for teenagers. If you think, lacto calamine does not work for you, try BB creams meant for Teenagers. The Konad BB cream for teenagers is reviewed on wise she πŸ™‚


I remember using a compact when I was in college to get a smooth finish. I studied in Pune, where humidity was on tad bit higher. Thus a powder always helps in stopping the sweat and makes you look neat. Opt for ones with Spf protection, as you tend to be in sun for long. Thus, the best bet is to use a make up product with SPF πŸ™‚

Compact face products

Options: Lakme loose powder, Lakme perfect radiance skin lightening face compact, Streetwear Girl Magic Pressed Powder.


Kohl/Kajal is a must for young girls, it just brightens up the face like nothing else. A kajal is actually healthy for your eyes. I trust good brands like Shanaz, Himalaya and biotique ones. I also find Maybelline colossal and lakme eyeconic are good buys. These kajals are pocket friendly and long lasting.

kajal eye makeup

Eye liners:

I love colorful eyes, whether it be my blue kajal or the green ones. Maybelline vivid smooth eyeliners wins hands down. Priced at Rs. 250, it is one of the good ones available in the market. I also hear, color bar has some great eye liners, will try them soon πŸ™‚

In liquid liners, Maybelline hyper sharp liner is a good buy, since it is a liner meant for beginners. Only con I feel is that it dries up rather quickly πŸ™

eyeliner eye make up

Sun block:

As teenagers, you all face the sun a lot, go to school, play sports, college, etc. There is too much sun exposure, thus, a sunscreen lotion and a suitable sunscreen for the face is a must. Please always apply sun screen, it will help you in long run. The UV rays are way to harmful for your delicate skin. Thus, apply a suitable lotion for the body and a minimum of spf 30 for your face while stepping out in the sun.

suncreen products

Hope this post will help the teenagers looking to build their make up kit πŸ™‚

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