Makeup Vs Natural- Why Few Women Don’t Wear Makeup Although They Love It


Makeup Vs Natural- Why Few Women Don’t Wear Makeup Although They Love It

Today I am going to talk about something a little different! Most people think that there are two kinds of women- one who love makeup and are never seen without it and the women in the second category hate makeup and do not wear it at all. Well, I beg to differ as I do not belong to any of these 🙂 I love makeup but do not wear it everyday. I am sure that there are many women that will relate to this. For example our team member Ira who is a makeup junkie but wears it only for special occasions.

lakme creaseless creme mauve progress fotd

Now many of you might be wondering that if we love makeup then why we do not wear it daily. There is no set answer to this question as everybody has different reasons. If you ask me, I do not wear makeup daily because I stay at home, I don’t like the feeling of having something on my face at all times and I am lazy 😛


Also if I have to go for shopping and other errands, I wear just kohl around my eyes and a lip color or tinted lip balm. If I feel like it, I apply a little blush and that’s it. No BB cream, no foundation! But if its a special event then I go all out and apply everything from a full base including primer and corrector to complete eye makeup, blush and highlighter, lip color and sometimes bronzer as well. It makes me feel perfectly put together and yes then I know that I am going to somewhere special.

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Doing full makeup daily can be cumbersome and not every lady has time for it. These ladies love their makeup and know how to use it to enhance their looks. They drool over stunning lipsticks and tempting blushes. They love to collect makeup as well. And when they want to give themselves the luxury of a great makeup session, they whip out their tools and go about the business.

Its all about what you are comfortable with. Many women who wear makeup daily are totally at peace with their bare skin but they just like wearing makeup everyday and feel happy with it on. The ones who don’t like makeup at all are happy without it and its their decision. We the third category are happy with what we do.

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The point is that everybody is entitled to take makeup as they please and nobody should judge them. Makeup doesn’t make you a plastic doll and absence of it doesn’t make you frumpy. So wear as much makeup as you like without feeling the need to conform to any norms. Till then I am happy that I don’t have to clean my beauty blender daily  8-)  :evilgrin:

How often do you wear makeup?

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  1. So so apt…thankoo for including me and yes i agree at every point..i love to dress up and makeup as well but only special occasions :-))

  2. I love dressing up and that is why I love my work..most women don’t wear makeup thinking their skin will age or it will get worse..thing is those are actually the ladies/girls who don’t remove makeup after putting it on and ya! don’t even use sunscreen ..

  3. Agreed with each word you said..
    I love makeup and being dramatic with it..but most of the time i go without any makeup.. even on my wedding day, it was just kajal and a red family went mad when then saw me..and pestered to add more layers of foundation and more colors on my eyes and cheeks, but i stuck to just basics…

    • Really Madhu you surprised everyone but i really loved your basic yet classy look just because you did not apply heaps of makeup…. unlike girls applying unnecessary heavy makeup and then looking an entirely different person..on d name of shadi to ek hi bar hoti hai :-p

      Makeup or no makeup my choice and others should not judge someone who loves to deck up as too much makeup girl or powder ki dukaan! :-p


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