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I had Deborah 24 rame since 3-4 month but I completely forgot about it after my purchase.After that I got few similar looking blushes so I want to sell it off.

You can check out the Deborah blush review here and how it looks on me here.

Cost of the blush is Rs 575 and I will be interested in selling it in Rs 450 plus Rs50 for the shipping  charges.With this I will be also giving Nivea Galmorous lip gloss in pink sugar and Colorbar 25Berry Fizz lipstick free.

Deborah mlano blush , colorbar berry fizz lipstick

Condition of the lipstick is exactly what is shown in the picture..You can read the review of the lipstick here.

Colorbar 25b berry fizz lipstick review

Here are the swatches of Nivea glamorous gloss in pink sugar and colorbar berry fizz  lipstick again.You can read the Nivea glamorous gloss pink sugar review here.


Swatches of colorbar berry fizz lpstick and glamrous pink sugar


If you are interested then just comment below .Let there be two or three bids so that if the buyer one back out at least the second person who is interested can get the product.

P.S -Only for people living in India :D:D



  1. Anamika, it’ raining :rain: :rain: :rain: , pakodas to ready haina, aur mai chai bhi loongi 😛 :coffee: :plate:

          • burrraaaahhhh!!! :devil: 😎 😛 😛
            btw… internet pe wo clinique pore bla bla dhund ke link dena… main dhund dhund ke pagal ho gai!
            there was like full pore minimizing line and then clinique came up wid a new one.. now m confused..

            • aache mein product ki pic leke dungi…. i too dont have much of idea..mein gareen kahan clinqie products use karungi :sad and heart broken :

              • gareeb to main bhi ho gai hu! 🙁 but yaar pore minimizer ke liye kuch bhii!! ANYTHING 🙁 sachi me..
                or home remedies bhi thi na? like egg and honey! :-s
                or kuch??

                • toners works yaar …till the time you use them pores looks small and once u stop using then they open there big mouth 🙁

                  • thats the problem anamika… that tea tree toner is gud.. but i need even better product than that…
                    and ani.. so true.. but the problem is… i dont have the patience to keep that egg on my face.. 🙁

                    • better product then tea tree toner ..let me think and think..fir to ek bar clinwue ki pore minimizer try kar he lo

  2. wahi to anamika…. itni saari pore minimizer cheeze hai! kaunsi try karu…
    tabhi to kaha meko exact info chahiye.. kahi galat cheez hi na khareed lau itne paise waste kar ke

    • Read reviews on makeupalley..baaki i will tell u what i hae been using and i don think so pore can be totally healed..they just get mnmized baake do cheeze padhi honi na green tea toner mask and hot oil treatment for face..woh karo regularly 😛


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