5 Making Money Ways From Home India


5 Making Money Ways From Home India

Hey Everyone,

So I recently did a video on how to earn money while staying at home.  This video is specially for all those women who wish to earn some money while they are at home. Being at home is sometimes a choice to be there for the kids or elders and sometimes it is a restriction. We should always see the positive in things and make the best out of it!

I couldn’t talk in very much detail about all the points in the video because that would become too long and boring. So, I thought I will share a detailed description on Money Making Ways From Home India

I have rounded up few ways in which you can earn money while being at home and taking care of your loved ones. You can easily also make the most of your time by doing something constructive!



The latest way in which you can start your income is Instagram. This was the latest entrant in Social Media platforms. Its immense popularity made it a much followed medium to earn money with just posting pictures!

Well, it might just sound too easy but actually you need a simple strategy to get your Instagram account the required exposure and earn followers. Here I have listed few important things to help you understand how to make Instagram worthy or a steady income!

instagram earning

  • Always decide a niche for your account. It can be anything related to lifestyle, health, fitness, food, motherhood, baby care, fashion, beauty, home improvement, decor, designing, travel, music, art/ painting, dance or acting anything! 🙂
  • Keep your niche as per your interest and not just going with the trends! Because you would have to devote time to flourish it!
  • Make a community of your followers and engage them with your posts & pictures! Don’t focus on getting maximum followers just for the sake of it.  It is always a good idea if your followers actually believe in what you are putting out their and are interested in trying out things. Let it be 500 or 50k followers doesn’t matter if your followers are not engaged with your posts!

earning with instagram

  • You can do sponsored posts on Instagram related to your niche and certain brands pay you for advertising them to a world wide platform and also to your engaged followers!
  • Make commission based income by selling the brands/ products through your engaged followers!
  • Become an online influencer to put out the best of the brands or products you are working with and they will pay you for doing that once that reciprocates in their increasing sales.  It can be a one time thing or on a recurring basis. The income will keep coming in as long as you make sure to influence your followers.


Blogging is a great way to earn money but yes it takes a lot of patience. It doesn’t give instant rewards. You may not get an immediate flow of income as you may get from Instagram or Youtube. It is better to make up your mind for that and also do not rely on a single channel for your income!

  • You can earn through your blog by writing about certain brands, services, products etc. as per the needs of the client. Writing is something you need to practice so as to reach the maximum people using these platforms. It should be easy to understand for your audience!
  • Earn through Advertising about these brands, products, events or services on your blog without having much to talk about them. It is a great way to earn money in the long run but certainly it needs time to flourish and actually monetize into an actual source of income!
  • Start with guest posts, making a community of bloggers, share the posts on different social media to attract more audiences!

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Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the new ways in which you can earn money. Since online shopping has seen an every increasing surge, it can also serve as a steady source of income for you while you are at home!

affiliate marketing

In this you can talk about a particular product or brand. Now with the help of affiliate marketing you can earn targeted commissions. So, whenever someone buys a product through your mentioned link you can reciprocate it into commission based income.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it tends to always stay on your blog or Instagram account and you do not need to constantly update it.  It is a one time thing where you carefully mention the product brand and link it to your affiliate marketing account on major players like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong & Myntra! 🙂

affiliate marketing earning

This is a little time consuming way but if you love to read & write things like these, you will certainly enjoy the medium like anything. Also it requires a little investment from your side as to you need a good camera if you are into beauty & makeup. You need to buy some of the makeup products to start. Afterwards the brands start sending you the new launches when you have a considerable amount of followers.

If you wish to be a fashion blogger, you need to buy good dresses. As then only people will actually check you out and may be follow you if they love how you experiment with looks!

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This is a relevantly more professional and biggest marketplace for freelance services. If you wish to become a blogger but don’t know any technical know-hows of blogging, this is just the place. Here you can search for services starting from $5.

If you are someone who has special talents like digital marketing, animation knowledge, creative writing interests then you can simply register yourself. Being on such a global platform at a stipulated price you can start earning from home!

fiverr.com earning channel

It can be setting up a blog or website, all the technical aspects that go at the back-end of a blog, digital marketing tricks, freelance writers! If you simply wish to set up a website to sell things you can take help from Fiverr.com as per convenience!

It can be used for the following-

  • Set up a website/ blog
  • Hire freelance writers for content on your blog
  • Design graphics/ logo for your website!
  • Develop brand videos for your youtube channel or website!
  • By writing or translation work
  • Make brand videos, designing logos etc.

Earning Through Various Channels

Well, if you are someone who just wants to earn decent money but cannot afford to have a strict 9 to 5 office routine. You can simply start earning with platforms like Instagram, Facebook.

earning money from social media

You can start by contacting another seller in your city or another city. And procure the things like fabrics, accessories, jewellery, art & crafts, home decor, furnishings and many such things which people would actually love to buy!

earning with facebook

You just need to devote few hours daily to post about the stuff you are willing to promote.  You can contact the seller to send you pictures of products. So, when the customer places an order, the seller ships it to you.  This way you can earn commission as an earning without actually setting up anything!

You can checkout more info from the video below-


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