Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion Review


Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion Review

Hello lovely ladies,

I guess you remember how much I hated the Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Wash that I reviewed a few days back. And today I am back with another product from the same brand and same range. It is the Malavara Lime Vetiver Body Lotion.

Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion

So lets see how this product works on me.

About Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion:

Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion Review- company claims

Malavara body lotions do not contain Parabens or other harsh preservatives. The preservative system used in our products is very gentle on skin, is included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and is Whole Foods Premium Bodycare approved.

Net Volume: 300ml

Price: Rs 1, 500.00 However I got a sample bottle of 60 ml

How to use: Use liberally on cleansed body skin. Do not rinse off.

My experience with Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion:


Packaging: The body lotion comes is a transparent bottle with silver screw open cap.

Fragrance: The lotion is a combination of Citrusy Lime and Sweet Vetiver resulting in a mix of a sweet and tangy fragrance which is perfect for the summers. The fragrance though is very mild and I can smell it on me only for an hour or two. But it definitely is stronger and has a longer staying power than the dud body wash.

Texture: White in color, the body lotion has a thick creamy texture, but it’s not at all greasy. Light, non sticky and absorbs quickly. You don’t really have to repetitively massage the product to make it sink into the skin. It spreads and absorbs super easily and super fast. The creamy texture keeps me hydrated for hours. I have a normal to dry body skin and this nourishes and moisturizes me well. Skin becomes smooth, soft and silky.

Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion Review-Texture

Summing up my Likes and Dislikes:

What I like about Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion:-

  • Mild and refreshing fragrance
  • Spreads easily and quickly.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin in no time.
  • Non greasy and feels light on skin, perfect for summers.
  • Moisturizes my normal to dry body skin pretty well.
  • Keeps hydrated for pretty long.
  • Travel friendly 60ml bottle.
  • Free of Parabens, Sulfates & Preservative.

What I Don’t like about Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion:

  • Price is a heartbreaker.

Final Thoughts: After the terrible experience with the body wash, I didn’t have any expectations from the body lotion. But I am glad that the body lotion worked well on me, unlike the body wash. A body lotion that has a refreshing mild fragrance, is non-greasy, spreads easily, gets absorbed quickly and moisturizing, what else do you need in the summers?

Ratings: 4/5

Have you tried Malavara Lime Vetivar Body Lotion?

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