Manali To Shimla – My Trip Experience


By Shrilata,

My Trip To Shimla Manali (Himachal)

I have always been passionate about snow and mountains for adventure activities. What could be better than Shimla & Manali for this?This trip has been long pending. I had travelled with my husband to Shimla and Manali about 3 years ago and since then I have been longing to go back there.
Our itenary

We did this trip in 10days. We were a group of 7 people and  reached Delhi by flight which we boarded from Hyderabad Airport. We had hired a cab from Delhi for the complete trip. I would recommend this as a cab give you a lot of flexibility.

Plan my trip to shimla
How to plan Shimla Manali trip
There are 2 ways to such long trips. Search for a good travel agent or buy any tour package of shimla or manali. Give him your itenary and he will take care of the rest. It cannot get any easier than this but could be a bit boring for people like me.
The other way is to plan for such trip by you. YOU DO EVERYTHING. First, decide the places you would like to visit. Understand the time taken to drive between these places. Review hotels and book those you like (by location, view and facilities). Book flight tickets and then book a cab for the trip from airport to back. We didn’t take any tour package and I am very happy the way our trip turned out πŸ™‚

About Shimla
Shimla is a beautiful hill station located in the heart of the state of Himachal Pradesh.
Places we visited:(Tourist places in Shimla)

Located sixteen kilometres away from Shimla, Kufri is an excellent ski-resort, which offers glorious views of forested slopes and tall ranges, iced in a covering of perpetual snow. The place holds winter sports festival every year. It is mainly popular amongst adventure lovers
Mall Road
This is the shopping street of Shimla. Mall road has a number of showrooms, department stores, shops, restaurants and cafes. A Himachal emporium that offers handicraft products of Himachal Pradesh like locally designed woollen cloths, branded cloths, pottery items, and jewellary is also located here.

About Manali
Manali is located at an altitude of about 6500 ft. above mean sea level and is one of the main tourist towns of Kullu valley.
Places we visited :

Solang Valley

It is about 10 kms from Manali. It is famous for the adventure activities it has to offer. Some of the activities include Paragliding & Zorbing.

Make My trips To Shimla

How To Plan A trip to shimla and manali

Bunjee Jumping In shimla
Vashisht Kund
This is known for hot sulphur springs. This is a temple in pyramid shape and it dedicated to sage Vashisht.

About Dalhousie
It is located in the outer slopes of Dhauladhar mountain range. One of the famous tourism destinations of North India, Dalhousie attracts a large number of visitors and is a popular honeymoon destination of India.
Places Visited
Khajjiar is situated at a distance of 27 km away from Dalhousie town, at an altitude of about 2,000 m above sea level. We had lot of hopes on this place. It is also called Switzerland of India. Well, it is a big open ground with lush green grass. You can do horse riding and paragliding here. There used to be lake in the center of the ground but it had been reduced to a small pool now. May be it will be better in rainy season.


Kalatop is located at a distance of about 8.5 km away from the Dalhousie town. This location presents a panoramic view of the mesmerising landscape of the surrounding areas.

Kalatop visit to shimla

From Dalhousie we came back to Delhi and boarded flight for Hyderabad.:)

Have You been to Shimla before? How was your experience?

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  1. I have been to Simla and it was COLD!! Brrrr! Thats all I remember. We also went to Vice Regal Lodge – I think it was the British govt headquarters in the summers back in the day.

  2. Yes Tanushka u are right……we saw that lodge through telescope when we went to Kufri. And about cold , it was freezing there but I wanted to see snow covered mountains and there can be no better view than seeing himalayas all covered in snow……specially when you go to Rohtang Pass

    • we went to rohtang pass on our school trip but as our bus was too large driver drove us back to manali in midway…grrrr..i felt like leaving him there and driving myself to Rohtang pass:D:D

  3. road trips are best for anywhere…me n my parents alwaz plan a road trip…..its easy to commute in an unknown place…n thy r more fun than a properly planned trip with specific timings….

  4. it was in the month of november we enjoyed our stay at manali but at the same time we were irritated :nono: :wallbash: with the fact that we did not get to see snow at all at rohtang pass we all had to walk so much and inreturn there were no snow to experience it was Weird. the road out there were in a worst conditions and our driver was taking us so fast i felt like killing him :bangbang:

  5. Really an informative post and lures one to visit the place. Seems you really had a lot of fun. I visited Shimla some time ago and it is definitely a place that tempts you to come again.

  6. Nice Blog..
    Manali or shimla both are off beatt tourist destination.Shimla Nestled between the beautiful lofty ranges of the Himalayas,Naldehra Hill Station is another famous destination near shimla .Shimla is place known for natural beauty or there hotels or resorts.

  7. book Manalishimla package for manikaram-the water will be very hot in a way that even rice and dal can be cooked. Manikaran is a renowned pilgrimage spot because of a Gurudwara and antique Hindu temples. Consistent with a myth of Manikaran, this holy place is linked with Lord Shiva and His heavenly Consort, Parvati who recovered her lost earring here.

  8. Manali Shimla re the brightest jewels in the crown named Himachal Pradesh. If you want to traverse through Heaven while you are alive, Come Hike with us to Himachal. Feel the wind on your face and the green beneath your touristy feet.


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