Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack Review & Remix-up


Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack Review & Remix-up

I got this face pack along with Khadi Aloe Glowing pack that I’ve already reviewed here. The same mix-up happened with this one as well (re-mix-up! Get it?? :rotfl: Never mind!:-P ) and although I got the pack that was ordered for, it turned up in a completely different (and awfully tacky) packaging :confused:, Below is the pic of what the actual packaging is supposed to look like:

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Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack Review

About Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack

An Ayurvedic face pack which absorbs the excess oil secretions of the skin. It helps to dry the pus acne and provide healing effect to control the pimples. It is useful in scars and blemishes. An ideal preparation for skin tightening and makes skin healthy.

  • Quantity: 125 gms
  • Price: INR 55
  • Shelf life: 2 years from mfg date
  • Ingredients:

Safed chandan (Sandal) 20mg, Lodra (Symplocos bark) 100 mg, Gulab (Rose) 150mg, Santara (Orange) 150mg,Neem 65mg, Manjeeth (Indian Madder) 100mg, Yashad Bhasma (Zinc calx) 10mg,Fullers earth 400mg, Preservative 5mg.

  • Directions:

For natural result, mix powder with rose water or water to make paste. Apply it on face keep it for 30 minutes. Then wash it with cool water.

(The directions on the box are also written in Hindi where they mention that the pack should be applied thickly and left on for 20 to 25 minutes. Then when it has fully dried, it has to be washed off) ?:-)

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Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack Review+face pack for dry skin

My Experience with Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack

  • Packaging:

As you can see, the cardboard packaging is tacky beyond imagination! At first, I thought it was some cheap, local brand and kept it with me for a month untouched :stop:. I mustered the courage to open this only after being super impressed with their aloe face pack. Inside the carton is a thick, plastic packet that contains the face pack in powder form. The outer carton contains the complete list of ingredients but the product claims were not mentioned and I had to procure that from their website. :-/

  • Fragrance:

As it is, I’m not a huge fan of sandal fragrance and this doesn’t even smell purely of sandal. It’s more of an amalgamation of sandal, rose, talc and a bit like new handbags. Yep…you read it right the first time :shy:. You know the kinda smell that new bags and even their showrooms have? Okay, I get it…I suck at describing fragrances! 😛 Anyways, it’s not very annoying or unbearable so it can be overlooked.

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Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack Review+face pack for glowing skin

  • Preparation:

Unlike the aloe pack, the list of ingredients for this pack looks really good and contains a good mix of herbal goodness. Since, this pack is in powder form, it needs to be prepared before each use. I generally prefer ready-to-use packs since they are undoubtedly more convenient and save time. But when I think back on how I used to take a block of red sandal wood and then grate it vigorously with all my might to make the powder and them mix it to form a paste, I began to realize this is quite a luxury:cute: .

It took me a couple of uses to figure out the quantity needed for my face. All I need is half a teaspoon! Yep…and this amount sometimes suffices for both face and neck. So the good news is that one packet is going to last for months even when used daily.

I usually mix this with plain water to form a smooth paste that is neither too thick nor too runny. Even a little extra quantity of water will make the paste very runny and make it very drippy and difficult to apply. So it is a good idea to add just a teaspoon of water and then keep adding a few drops to get the desired consistency.

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Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack Review+face pack for oily skin

  • Application:

Make sure you apply this while standing over a wash basin since the application of this face pack is messy as hell! Since it is a muddy color, even a small drop left on clothes or on the floor looks really icky. Each time after I use this, not only do I need to wash my face, but also my face pack brush, my cellulose sponge, my head band AND my wash basin!!! :sweat:

Another point to note is that this should be applied in one layer while it is still wet. For instance, I applied it on my face and since there was some more of the mixture left behind in the bowl, I tried to apply it again on one cheek. What happened was that the paste that was already there on my cheek just fell off :shock:. I tried again and again but the paste refused to adhere to my skin and I was left with one bare cheek :blush:

  • Removal:

I generally leave it on for half an hour or more and by this time the brown paste would have dried to a pale, beige mask. If the face pack is applied thickly, skin feels really taut and tightened as it dries. It is easy to remove (but yes very messy) and there is no vigorous rubbing required. I realized that it is better to just wash it off using my hands rather than a sponge. This is because for some odd reason, the sponge does not cleanse the powdery pack completely and I find quite a bit of residue left back on my face and neck. Plus, the powder gets stuck into the crevices of the cleansing sponge and is quite a task to wash off.

  • After-effects:

Most face packs leave skin looking fresh and bright. After I washed off this pack, my face looked like I’d spent the day sun-bathing or like I’d dunked my head into a tub of bronzer! My face looked bright orange and my neck was reddish pink 😯 So my sincere advice is to reserve this for night time use and whatever you do, don’t attempt using this few hours before you plan to leave for an occasion (unless you’re looking for a fake tan). Of course, using a cleanser and toner after removal would completely remove every hint of color left behind. But I personally do not like using anything after a face pack since I feel it defeats the purpose. So I just go to sleep after using this and in the morning skin feels really soft and smooth. This pack really does draw out every bit of oil and I felt my skin looked less oily than usual when I woke up. Remember the breakouts I talked about in the TBS Strawberry soap post? Well, this soothed almost all of them in a single use! :yes: Since it is mildly granular in  texture, it also exfoliates skin well without being too harsh. I find it very effective on acne and it reduces the intensity of blemishes with regular use.

Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack Review+best face pack for acne prone skin

What I like about Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack:

  • Nice mix of herbal ingredients
  • Since it is in powder form, u can prepare the desired consistency and even add ingredients based on your skin type
  • Draws out every bit of oil and reduces the secretion of oil to some extent
  • Skin feel taut yet soft to touch
  • Mildly granular texture helps to exfoliate skin as well
  • Soothes acne to a great extent
  • Reduces intensity of blemishes with regular use
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Very little quantity is requires per use
  • One pack will last for months even when used regularly

What I don’t like about Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack:

  • Paste needs to be prepared before each use
  • Application is quite messy and needs to be applied while standing over  a wash basin
  • Leaves behind a residue and makes face look orange-ish and tanned soon after removal and is hence best applied at night
  • Stains clothes, brushes, sponges, wash basin etc (but the stains are removable)
  • Needs to be left on for half an hour, which is a lot, if you’re pressed for time
  • May not suit those with dry skin

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking to buy something from this brand, I’d definitely suggest their face packs :yes:. I was not impressed with their face wash and other products that I’ve read reviews about, but their face packs are impressive indeed and do deliver what they claim. I haven’t really found a face pack that gave me instant results with acne and almost lost faith in them. But this product has made me believe that they do make a difference :cute:

Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Manav Khadi Herbals Sandal Face Pack?


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  1. Not for me, dry skin .. and i am scared of using khadi products after the neem scrub disaster. Such a detailed and lovely review. Nafi how does a handbag smell ?? ?:-) 😀 😛

  2. This sounds good Naf but i am so lazy now a days that i wont ever use it. 😛
    Love ur detailed reviews a lot! And the fake tan sounds so odd actually! :wilt:

  3. I have bought seperate packets of pur neem, pur sandal wood powder, pure rose powder, santra chaal, hibiscus powder, amba haldi etc etc..i make my mix of the desired ingredients with the essential oils and use…hehe


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