Manicure At Home – Home To Do Manicure At Home

By Prerna Sharma ,
You know, we girls are known for our soft heart and soft skin!! What if our boyfriend / husband hesitate to hold our hands just because they are not soft!! Every girl needs beautiful hands and  thus we need manicure. We can’t go for a hand spa treatment every week so today I am sharing  simple  way to do home manicure without any fuzz 🙂

Step1-  First remove all of your nail polish.
Step2 – Use a nail filer to shape your nails. Always file in one direction only.
Step3 – . Now take warm water in a big utensil. Put few drops of essential oil (any of your
choice)+ 1tsp baking powder (for skin softening)+ 1tsp mild shampoo (baby shampoo)
and soak your hands for 10min.
Step4 -Wash hands in fresh water. Apply cuticle remover cream and gently push them back
using a cotton bud. Don’t cut your cuticles, instead massage away dead skin using
circular movements.
Step5 – Apply a mild scrub to both hands and palm and massage gently.
Step6– Wash it with warm water again. Remove all creamy residue.
Step7 -  While polishing your nails being from the center of your nail. Paint one stroke in the
center and then the sides of the nail. Let it dry completely before applying the second
Step8– After applying color apply topcoat as it will give added protection and help your nail color to last longer without chipping.
Hope these tips works for you like they do for me 🙂
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  1. Nila I use Clinique deep comfort and hand and cuticle cream …this is the only cuticle cream which i have used and i love it.

  2. nice. i have a burn scar on my left hand how it can be lighten or completely removed ? also tell me any skin softening hand and foot cream.


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