Manicure set – Faces Manicure set review and pictures

By Adivaah,
On my recent trip to the Hyderabad Central, I saw this mini Manicure set & without any thought I picked it up. This Manicure Set (kind of a travel manicure set )is from the Company Faces Canada which also manufactures make up and other stuff! This Manicure Set is actually a pack of 5 which includes the
Nail cutter for shortening nail length
Buffer for buffing the nails smooth and shiny
Cuticle pusher for pushing the cuticle or excess skin off the nail
Emery board or nail file for shaping and smoothing the edge of the nail and a  Tweezer

Price of faces Manicure set pack of 5 is Rs 130 INR

What does manicure mean?
Manicure is derived from the Latin words manus, meaning hand and cura, meaning care.

Why do we have manicures?

It keeps the nails smooth, the skin soft, improve the appearance of the hands and keep the cuticles attractive and most importantly the nails healthy. Our hands are a part of our body that we tend to take for granted.  Just think of what you put them through every day!  

How to do a manicure?
1. Remove old polish from nails-use a cotton ball or pad with remover. Place on nail and hold for approximately 5 seconds, then wipe down to tip of finger. Continue in this manner until all polish is removed, then move on to next finger. Do not wipe side to side, or back up to the top of the nail. Doing this will push polish into skin and cuticle, making it hard to remove. Remove polish from one entire hand, then the other. Non-acetone polish remover is recommended. It is not as drying to skin and nails as acetone, but use whichever you prefer.
2. File and shape nails. Using the emery board or file, shape the nails of one hand, then the other. File from one side of nail to centre, then other side to centre. Do not file back and forth-this can cause splitting and weak nails.
3. Place one of the hands with nails filed into fingerbowl to soak for 2-3 minutes. This is done for a few reasons-it softens the cuticle, making it easier to push back, it cleans the nails, and it helps to remove any excess polish remover. Caution–always file nails before soaking. Never file nails that are wet or damp. Nails absorb water, and if they are filed while wet, splitting, breakage and weak nails can occur. Be sure to use comfortably warm water in your fingerbowl, with your antibacterial soap.
4. At the end of soaking time, use nail brush to clean tops of nails and under nails. Gently brush down to tip of nail over fingerbowl for a few strokes. 
5. Dry each hand with a towel, gently pushing back each cuticle with towel as you dry.
6. Apply cuticle remover. Cuticle remover is a moisturizing lotion used to aid in softening the skin on the nail and pushing it back. Just apply one drop to each cuticle and massage in. Do one hand at a time.
7. Push back cuticles using the orangewood stick, metal pusher or plastic pusher. Apply a bit of pressure as you push the skin off up to base of nail. Do one hand then the other.
8. Clean under nails using your orangewood stick or pusher. Wrap a thin piece of cotton around the end, and dip into your fingerbowl. Run this under the edge of each nail, changing cotton as needed.
9. If no polish is wanted, at this point you may buff the nails to bring out the shine. moving the buffer in a downward motion to the tip of the nail. Work at a slight angle and down, alternating strokes on the nail from left to right, as if you are making an X on the nail. Note–if you buff in one direction only, you can create a heated sensation in the nail which can be painful. Always use the X technique to avoid this.

Instructions to Use: It has pictorial illustration for usage
My Experience with the Manicure Set:
The nail cutter is very small but sturdy & can be used to shorten the nail to a length you desire.
The nail file is also of very good quality & is not too sharp  or too gentle, but after usage one has to clean it because there are  traces of the powder left. The pointed end of the file can be used to clean the area under the nails.
The cuticle pusher is made of plastic & is very gentle, not much of pressure is required to push back the cuticle, and it can be done easily. The other end of the pusher is shaped little flat to remove any traces of dead skin near the cuticles easily.
The buffer is not of a very good quality, it doesn’t buff the nails so well, doesn’t give any sheen, the nails shine just a little bit. This is little difficult to clean because traces of the nail powder stick to the emery board & doesn’t get wiped off by a tissue or a cloth. 
The Tweezer is made of very good quality metal & is easy to use.
Final Word:  Be gentle whenever you do manicure girls!
I’m quite happy with the manicure set because it’s very travel friendly compact kit with a nice plastic case which has a flap & all items are well placed in its 4 partitioned sections & a small chain in case you want to hang it somewhere. All the items are of good quality, rust free except for the buffer which is too gentle to buff & traps some nail powder as well! This is light weight, can be carried along with you in a bag for those unexpected times when your nail chips or breaks! 
Will I repurchase this? I think this set will stay good for long time but it’s worth the buy! I’m going to try other products from FACES soon!
Do let me know if you guys have any other manicure sets that work well for you!
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  1. Hey! I have been using Faces products and this one is surely the best product. Have any one tried out the Faces nail shiner. I gives your nail unbelievable shine. It is available at most of the stores


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