Manish Malhotra Presents ‘The Visible White Beauty Collection for Colgate’


  An exclusive ‘Visible White Beauty’ collection in association with Colgate was showcased by Manish Malhotra at the Grand Hyatt on the 25th of April at 7 PM.

“Visible White Beauty” by Manish Malhotra, identifies with the concept that fashion is from the inside out. Inspired by Colgate’s exciting new toothpaste launch, this collection in the stark colours of White & Red was showcased at the Grand Hyatt, on the 25th of April.

Manish Malhotra

Everyone in attendance was on their feet with applause as the distinctive summer collection was unveiled by the stunning Sonam Kapoor who sashayed the ramp in a beautiful red attire. The front row of a completely packed show included Prabha Parameswaran- MD, Colgate India, Actor  Ayushman Khurana, Singer- Hard Kaur, Sheetal Mafatlal, Aditya Hitkari & Divya Palat, Ashish Raheja, Shaina NC and Krishika Lulla to name a few.

Designed for the young and confident shopper who has an eye for fashion, this Indian summer wear collection by Manish Malhotra is contemporary, simple and chic. Light and breezy, the collection comprises of white and red designs, flowing seamlessly with metallic combinations.

Speaking about his association with Colgate Palmolive, Manish says, “To me fashion and style starts with a great smile.  The new Colgate Visible White offers exactly that – the perfect dazzling white smile. It is effective, stylish, and affordable. This new toothpaste is a must have for anyone’s beauty regime. It encourages youth who are fashion conscious to use a product that will aid the beauty and life of their teeth which will further enhance their style and boost their confidence. An opportunity to do a collection keeping Colgate’s image in mind and then amalgamating it with my fashion aesthetics is a rare one. The colours chosen for the collection are in the shades of white and red with flowing silhouettes that reflect the refreshing summer mood”.

This distinctive summer collection was unveiled by the stunning Sonam Kapoor. Adorning red attire, Sonam along with Manish concluded the spectacular evening by unveiling the new stylish beauty toothpaste from Colgate.

Actor  Ayushman Khurana

Aditya Hitkari & Divya Palat

Hard Kaur

Krishika Lulla

Sheetal Mafatlal

Model in Manish Malhotra's Visible White Collection in the colours of White & Red

Model in Manish Malhotra's Visible White Collection in the colours of White & Red1

Model in Manish Malhotra's Visible White Collection

Model in Manish Malhotra's Visible White Collection1

Model in Manish Malhotra's Visible White Collection2

Show stoppper Sonam Kapoor

Show stoppper Sonam Kapoor1

Manish Malhotra & Sonam Kapoor

Manish Malhotra & Sonam Kapoor 1

Manish Malhotra & Sonam Kapoor2

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  1. i dont get why will someone wanna design a collection for toothpaste lol ! and ivya palat needs a stylist… asap!i loved sonam kapoors lehenga

    • :rotfl: its surprising ..but brands wants to get focus 😛 imagine a collection for medicines 😛 or may be more :rotfl: Now i am imagining things 😛

  2. Sonam kapoors lehenga looks pretty…after a long time seeing her in something late I’ve been feeling like her style quotient has gone down a bit na?

  3. ya me too think nowadays she has stopped trying too hard…
    divya palat always ends up looking uncomfy… :no:
    i was also looking at that braid… is that like a fishtail pushed up from below… like you do a snake braid… 🙂


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