Marble Nail Art Without Water :P


I have tried marble nail art twice and I am PATHETIC in it:(:(  .May be I just don’t know the nail art  technique or whatever but I was desperate to try it today :-/ .So instead of water  I just used brush and gave  a marble nail art look (I mean I tried:P)

This is how I went about it .

Step1 – Painted my nails with white nail paint.Pink colour which you see on my cuticle is the holi colour which I am not able to remove in spite of scrubbing regularly and what not 🙁

Marble Nail Art Design

Step2 – Applied maroon golden glittery nail paint  on my nail and gave it this design with a bindi brush.

Marble Nail Art Design

Just did some 2  year old cursive writing on all the nails.:P

Nail Art Design Marble Nail Art

Then took the pink colour and went above the design leaving some space in between .

Marble Nail Art design with nail art pictures

Sealed the nail art with a transparent coat and I am done 🙂

Marble Nail Art Design with nail art pictures

I will try marble nail art once again and if I don’t succeed then will stick to these only 😛

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  1. I don’t know what marble nail art is, but I’m loving this :inlove: The colors and the design reminds me of candies. Those colorful lollipops 😀

  2. As in float the colour on water and get them on your nails?? ?:-) 😕 :-/

    hmm…sounds interesting…

    this one looks like a modern art painting nai Maha..

  3. abey oye! its funny lol :rotfl: :rotfl: ! try it with water .. i have trued water marbling… its easy and pretty design making technique….
    n if i can do it, anybody on earth can


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